The Alien Attack

One day in Madrid. There was a kid named Jack, and he was a chicken. El Retiro is a park that belonged to the king in the old times, and now it is free for every one to go in and out . One day he realized that the sky was getting dark and he saw a space ship coming out of nowhere. And there were aliens inside. And he saw that it was coming his direction that instant, because the was a fabric of ceramics that belonged to king they tried to steal it and Jack, called for help put there was nobody around him he guessed it was up to him to save the ceramic factory of the king. He hearted some voices and it was everyone else trapped in side the space ship. Now it was his turn to save the people and the ceramic factory. So he went to his friend’s house and he was called bill and bill was a monkey. Jack asked “do you want to come with me to the airport to get a rocket with me?” Bill responded “sure yes of course.” So they went to the airport to get a rocket. The air port is called Barajas it is huge. And guess who was there the aliens were there to, to get more supplies for their ship and to get more support for their ship. They sniked in and got a alien suit to look like the were working there so they got on the ship and they saw the ceramic factory they got on It then a guards told them “get off of there!” Then bill told jack that voice sounds familiar to him. Then they charged the guard that told him to get of f of the ceramic factory then they took off his mask it was bill’s mother then she told them that each suit can control a mind so they took off the other peoples mask then when they finished there was only one person left and that was the captain he tried to lunch the ship but it was to late everyone of his helpers did not have a mask so that means that they were not mind contolred before the captain could press the emergence button someone got a gun that traps people, and shot the captain and then all the city was safe and then they put all the city in its place and then no other alien would attack earth again.
The end

By: Joaquin