Hi I am Alicia and I am 10 years old. I am a girl that likes to swim at the YMCA. My favorite things I like to do as a living are these things. I like to swim, I like to play baseball, I like to go to football games and all kinds of games. I really like to go to school. I like playing out side with all of my friends. There are three really great friends that I have and we do every thing with each other sometimes. I am a fourth grader . I am in Mr. Smith's class. My favorite subject in school is reading, and math. You can go to www.smithclass.org and you can comment me and all of my friends blogs.

One day Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin were all at school in Mr. Slinger's room and we were getting ready to go outside. We just finished our math work about fractions, and we were turning in there papers. Yasmin was getting all the papers from the students. It was 2:00 and all the children were getting ready for a recess .

This story is about us being in a storm. We told Mr. Slinger that was a great idea. kids where done our teacher Mr. Slinger said that we could write a We ran over by the big shady trees. Cloe, Sasha, Jade, and Yasmin are only 10 years old. They all have blond hair. They are in fourth grade.really good outside. We were outside playing tag and hide and seek. Then it started to storm and all the classes went in and we got left outside. It started to hail and then a tree fell down and we were scared because we thought we would get hurt. Then our teacher Mr. Slinger found out that we were not in the classroom. So he went outside and he go us. He ask us if we got hurt. Then we said no. So we all went inside and people from the news came in and asked us questions and we got to be on the news. They said that it would be on channel 02 on KHQA. They asked us what it was like being out there in the storm, and we said that we were very scared and we never want to be in a storm again. Then Mr. Slinger took us to the classroom. Then the whole classroom was asking us questions like what was it like to be left out there in the storm. We said that it was very scary and that we never want to be in a storm again. We are all glad that we didn't get hurt by the tree that had fell. We all felt so excited and sat at our computers and we got to write a blog.