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EF - Blake

Hi I am Blake I am ten years old.I like playing basketball,video games,and riding bikes.I like staying with people and playing games with them.The Mississippi River runs though Hannibal and we have a stem boat .We have 14 kids in are class and we are learning Chinese and do you now we have a Mexican kid in are class.We have chess battles with classes around the world.We also do skype with other people and teachers.We did the monster project and we did the Landmark project.

The Big Bike Race
One day in the summer there was a bike race that started at the Mark Twain statue in Hannibal and Billy and Sally rode to the starting line then Billy was in the lead. Sally was right behind him and the other people were right beside them. So they go back to the Mark Twain statue intill the races are over so they put their helmets and sunglasses on and they put their tag on Billy's back and Sally's back to see what number they are. The bike riders have to wear shorts and a short shirt . All 50 people got in a line then they start thier bikes when a guy shoots the gun. So everybody starts going out to Lover's leap and then some of the people crash. And 30 so 20 had got injured. So the bike riders race to the flag then they pedal back to the Mark Twain statue to clam their trophy and they get a brand new car and in second place they get a new computer and in last they get a p.s.p.Then everybody cheered for the adults and the boys and girls.You should learn the things about racing with bikes so you don't crash into the other people .

Later that day the best bike rider in the world came to the Mark Twain statue and he talked to Billy and said, " I what to race you."
Then Billy said ok then everybody came back to the gate so they went there and got on the line. Next the guy shoots the gun then they start riding there bikes hard and rode off to Lover's leap. but when Billy came right beside Hank he said hello and pushed him off the bike and Hank hit the ground and Billy said good-bye to the big bad rider.

The next day Billy's mom had to talk to him and Billy got in trouble and he gave Hank the trophy and Billy felt sad for pushing Hank over at the race and Billy said I am so sorry for pushing you over and he said do you what to be friends for ever ok I will never race again.