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ER - Brianna

Hi I'm Brianna and I am 10 years old.I like swimming,singing,dancing,and playing dodge ball.I like Banana's,apples,mango's,strawberries,and grapes.Sometimes I get on my computer,but not all the time. I like getting on new web sites on my computer.My favorite season is summer because I get to visit my dad up in Binghamton,NY.I like to travel to different places. I got a little sister and an older sister and I got an older brother. I have a mom too.She works at Wal-Mart. And I live in Hannibal,MO.Thanks for your time :)

It was a sunny morning in California when Dayza and Mylazia woke up to get breakfast.The youngest one Dayza woke up first because she was hungry and had to use the restroom.Then the oldest one Mylazia woke up 2 minutes after Dayza.Because she was hungry and wanted something to eat.Their mom was fixing waffle,eggs,sausage and bacon.Even though it was a Saturday they still wake up early.While the family was eating Mylazia and Dayza's mom said something that caught Mylazia's attention.Mylazia's mom said "We got some big news!' Mylazia asked a little confused "What is the big news?" Dayza's dad said "We are moving to Seattle." Dayza was sad she didn't want to move.But Mylazia had a little better way to show her feelings.She yelled at the top of her lungs"I'M NOT MOVING!" Then she pushed her plate on the hard wood floor and it broke into pieces.Then Mylazia stomped to her room and slammed the door so hard that one off the hinges fell off.Dayza was crying.She didn't want to move and she didn't like the way her sister was being.Their mom told Dayza the rest about what day the are going to Seattle and how long it's going to take to get there and what their house is going to be like. Then Dayza"s mom said "Dayza get your sister and tell her to get dressed and go to the mall with you and your friends.Well when Mylazia heard that they were going to the mall with her friends she got out of her grumpy attitude and got dressed and Dayza did too. But first before they went to the mall with their friends they got their dry erase boards and made description's of what their friends look like.Here is the description of their friends and their selves:Dayza has caramel brown skin,dark brown curly hair,and light green eyes,Mylazia is caramel brown, with blond wavy hair , and blue eyes,Zylazia has brown braided hair,blue eyes,and light tan skin,Ashley has caramel brown hair,milk chocolate skin,and hazel eyes,And Isabella has blue eyes,white skin,and pale yellow hair.Then when they were done they went and met up with their friends. When they got to the mall they saw their friends and they ran over and told them that the are going to Seattle next Thursday and they are going to miss them. But Zylazia didn't care about that.She was glad that they were going to be gone soon.She said lies about them so the other kids at California middle school.At one time she did get in trouble and got detention for 3 weeks straight.Thats when she stopped liking Mylazia and Dayza.Because she thought they told on her, but they didn't tell on her.They got home just in time for supper.They were having fried chicken,corn,and mashed potatoes and gravy. After they ate they got a shower and went to bed.The next few days they have been getting packed up.It was Monday and they still had a lot of packing to do.The truck they called to put the stuff in came 2 hours after they called! Then by that time we had everything packed. They put in the couch and the the other big stuff in first and the little stuff last .

That was a little early.It was only Monday and they got all of their stuff packed up.So they got in their hummer and traveled on the road to Seattle.It took them 2 days to get there they were finally at their new house Wednesday. It was in the morning when they got there so they wanted breakfast.The to guys that drove the truck put all of their stuff in the house.They put the stuff in the places they wanted the couch and stuff to be.Mylazia got in her room up stairs and she loved it.Then Dayza went to her room and saw what it looked like.She loved her room too. The parents put everything in their room in the place they wanted it to be in.So did Mylazia & Dayza.When they were done they checked to see if everything was alright in the house. Everything was perfect. It was around 5:00pm when they had dinner.It was grilled fish French fries and Lima beans & corn. Then when they were done they went and took a nice hot shower and went to bed.

The next morning their mom woke them up at 6:00am to get them dressed and then to get them signed up to the new middle school.They got dressed and waited until it was seven and got in the hummer to go to the Seattle Middle School.When the got there they met the principal of the school. Her name was Lisa.She said "Welcome to Seattle Middle School!" Then she took us in the office of hers and got them signed up. Then she showed them what grade we were going to be in.Mylazia was going to be in 7th grade and Dayza was going to be in 6th grade.Then the principal showed the girls to their room. Mylazia was in English and Dayza was in Spanish class.Both of the girls teachers greeted them and introduced the to the class.When Dayza sat down she was seating next to a popular kid named Melissa.She said "hi!" to Dayza.Dayza didn't answer.She was scared.When Mylazia was in class one of the popular girls named Laura came up to Mylazia and said 'hi!".Mylazia said kind of nervously "h-h-hi." It was almost time for Mylazia to switch classes and go to Art so they got there stuff and then the bell rang for them to switch classes.They hurried to art.They were making big clay pots on a pottery wheel.People got messed up a little but then got the hang of it.Dayza on the other hand was in a twist.She was getting in trouble with the English teacher.His name is Mr.Huff and boy is he strict!.If he ever catches you goofing off your asking for your ear drums to break.He yells at you so loud the other kids on the other side of the building can hear it!. Mylazia found that out when a kid named Chris was passing notes in class.Mr.Huff saw him and said "GET OUT IN THE HALL RIGHT NOW!".Chris ran out in the hall.He got yelled at for 15 minutes then he came with tears in his eyes and on his face.Thats what happened to Dayza today.She was talking in class and got in trouble.Then Mr.Huff yelled at her for 15 minutes.Then Dayza came in the room with tears rolling down her face.It was time for lunch so the all met up in home room and lined up.

Mylazia and Dayza were standing by the popular girls Melissa,Laura,and Elizabeth.Then when they got in the cafeteria the got their lunch and all of them sat down.Then Mylazia and Dayza started talking to the popular girls.Then they asked "Do you want to be friends?".Melissa and the other two said all together "yes!". Then the girls did a few more classes then the got on the bus and went home.When the girls got home they said "We made friends with popular girls!".Then the girls went up stairs and did their home work.When they were finished the home phone rang.It was Melissa.Melissa said "hi! I just want to tell you that we are going to the movies tonight and we wanted to see if you could come."Mylazia put the phone on her shoulder and asked her mom.Her mom said yes. So Mylazia told Melissa yes.At 6:00pm Mylazia's mom dropped off Mylazia and Dayza at the movies.But when they got there Melissa or her friends were not there.Mylazia thought they forgot.So did Dayza.Their mom was waiting for them to go in but they went back to the car.Then when the got home they ate dinner and went to bed.The next morning at school they asked Melissa and her friends why they didn't come.They said because they had to eat dinner and take a shower.They all went to their classes and lunch then more classes.As they went home they were thinking did they set us up last night?or not?.When they got home they did their homework.Then they took a shower and ate dinner and went to bed.After a few months passed it was already March 13,2009. They were kind of getting a hold of what Melissa and her friends were doing and things were getting out of hand. Then today they asked Melissa some questions about why she never comes when she says shes going somewhere? and why were you making the same lame excuse every single time we ask you why didn't you come?.She didn't have an answer. She didn't know what to say.The bell rang for the kids to go to their classes.When the went to physical education they had to do a test.While they were doing the test Melissa said something that really hurt Mylazia's feelings.Melissa said "Mylazia and Dayza are really losers for falling for all those set ups we did to them. Mylazia told them "I heard that and it really hurts when i thought I had true friends." When it was time for lunch Mylazia sat with Dayza and told her what Melissa said.Dayza started to cry. She could not believe that Melissa and her friends set them up.When Mylazia and Dayza got home they told their mother what Melissa said.Her mom said she was going to call Melissa's mom and tell her about what she said.When she called Melissa's mom.Melissa's mom said "hello who is this?" Mylazia's mom said"This is Sarah Mylazia's mom" when mom was finished telling Melissa's mom about what shes been doing to Sarah's daughter's she called for Melissa to come down stairs.Then she yelled at Melissa really loud.And Melissa's mother told her she is not friends with anyone and that she is grounded for 2 months.At dinner that night they were happy and cheerful that Mylazia and her sister weren't friends anymore.Thats how my story ends.