Hello I am Cameron and I am 10 years old .I am in fourth grade in Mr.Smith's class. We have just finished Landmark and now were working on 1001 tales and I think this is going to be kinda hard.I have a gecko,chinchilla,5 dogs and 2 cats. I was born on a beach and my favorite sport is surfing. My birthday is on September 25 1998. We have done the Coral reef project and my animal was the Moray eel. My favorite Animal is Moray Eel just like my Coral reef project animal. I always wanted to go to Hawaii and go to New York. I play the electric guitar.I have email pal called pen pals from Taiwan.I get straight A's and B's in Mr. Smith's class.I speak Spanish,English and Chinese . I have a Wii,Xbox360,Nintendo DS lite,and a Plastation3.

One day in the summer was a boy named Zac. He was a boy in fourth grade that had blond hair and he loves surfing in the summer and he wears a jacket all the time and he doesn't wear it when he surfs and he likes to wear black pants and he speaks English . Zac had a pet named Tiko, Tiko was a black chihuahua. Then Tiko got Stolen! Zac was worried about Tiko. Zac looked everywhere for Tiko. Zac looked for Tiko for five hours.Then he went to his friends light brown color house,Poyin . He asked Poyin if he had seen Tiko but he said no. Then he went back to his white house.He had asked his parents if they would try to find Tiko and they both nodded yes.They looked for Tiko together.They all got tired so they rested at home and Zac saw a note that said "If you ever want to see your chihuahua then give me about 50 money or more and meet me at the old school that is being destroyed at 12:00 AM and if your not there by 12:30 you will never see your chihuahua again and also don't forget the money" Zac was shocked and terrified then he showed his parents and they was terrified,shocked, and angry. Then Zac thought of a plan and he asked his parents to drop him off at dollar store and he bought a lot of fake money. He counted all the fake money and it was 1,000 DOLLARS!!!but it was fake money.

He wished it was real because he would be rich.Then he walked around town then he forgot about the note and the fake money! He checked his silver watch and it was 12:00 so Zac rushed to the old school but the school wasn't there.The school got destroyed! ,it was just crumbs of rocks.Zac didn't know what to do because the note said to meet him at the old school. Then the very next day at 5:00 Pm,Zac woke up and then he saw another note.The note said"Since the school was destroyed, you have to meet me at the downtown south from the statue into the ally at 10:00 AM this time and since the school was destroyed you have to pay triple of 50 so you have to pay me 150 dollars now."Zac thought of a better idea now. He would hide the cops behind the ally at 9:55 then we would talk and when we was over talking the cops will arrest him and take him to jail. He called the cops. Told the cops the plan and they thought it was a excellent trap.

.Zac walked to the alley and he was early it was 9:54 so he waited in the dark alley until the person who stole Tiko showed up but he never showed up and it was 10:40. Zac wondered why he didn't showed up. The next day he got ANOTHER letter! He got tired from the letters and notes. So he read it to himself it said"I'm so sorry I didn't show up and meet me there again and only pay me 100 dollars now because I wasn't there"Then he went there again and saw the man but he was all in black he had a Black hat,black clothes and black shoes.The man had Tiko in a very big cage with food inside and the color of the cage was brown like wood. Zac gave the man in the black clothes the fake money then the man gave him the cage with Tiko and the food inside. The man never noticed it was fake then Zac left then as soon as possible then the cops came out and arrested the man and it was POYIN'S DAD! Zac was shocked then he told Poyin then he was shocked too.