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Hi my name is Cara. I go to school at Eugene Field Elementary in Hannibal Missouri.I have lived in Hannibal Missouri for 9 years. My mom's name is Sunny, my step dad's name is Eddie,my real dad's name is Ryan, and my step mom's name is Kathy.I also have 4 little . sisters and 3 little brothers. I play soccer for a all girls soccer travailing soccer team. I have after school activity's which are student council, soccer, and choir. I am student council's VP ( Vice president). My teacher's name is Mr.Smith we have lots of fun in our class like technology day we can bring in Example (Nintendo DS's wii xbox360s) I brought in a Nintendo DS a camera and a mp3player .

My story first start off in the girls locker room at Midway Heights High School at 3:00 p.m all the of the girls are the same age 15 expect Saya she is 16 Jordon is 16 too and Ms.Kessiah is 28. Saya, Diva, Cassidy, and Jade are all getting ready for the second to last soccer game. Everyone was nerves, worried, and scared! ! ! "It is going to be a hard game," admitted Diva. "Game time," hollered Ms.Kessiah. Then all the kids walked over to the soccer field."Saya at forward with Jade, Defense is Cassidy and Diva, and of course Jordon in goal."said Ms.Kessiah . "Now everyone is on the field playing and not on the side line watching I mean watching the ball but not off the field doing nothing. Never mind you know what I mean". said Ms.Kessiah. Then everyone ran over to the field and started practicing while parents and other family members gather around to watch." Who are we going to beat this time?" asked Jade "Malibu Majestic"said Diva in relaxed tone. " OK " said Saya " Lets do our cheer now," aaaahhh aaaahhh 1 2 3 Lighting. " hollered all the kids. " Hey kids before you go out there I want to tell you that what ever happens today just remember have fun out there OK." "OK" said everyone " now lets do this ." hollered Jordon.

Now that everyone is comfortable and ready to play let's get on with the game. The referee says that The Lightning Team gets the ball first. The referee blows the whistle and the ball is kicked to Diva in defense." I got it." called Diva running to the ball. Then she passed it to Saya in forward but the ball doesn't make it and it gets stolen by the other team Malibu Majestic. They try to make a goal but they don't. " Thats what you get for stealing the ball," screamed Jordon. Jordon threw the ball really far over to Jade "Got it,"she hollered. She passed it over to Saya and Saya shot the ball to the goal and it went in. Everyone started hollering and shouting. "Go Lightning!" The referee blew the whistle and now it's time for Malibu to kick the ball first. They kick the ball to one of their players and then they make a goal. Then the game just keeps going on. At the end of the game Lighting wins by a landslide. It ended 8-0. Then Ms.Kessiah Called the whole team over and said " kids great game go home and get some rest for the Finals tomorrow.

So they all did. The next day they all met up on the soccer field real early so they could practice." Hey pass the ball here." called Cassidy " shoot"yelled Jade "sorry " cried Cassidy " It's OK just don't do it in the game" said jade "kay"said Cassidy real loud."Oh look who's here" said Jordon in a mean way. " Oh be quiet and let's play" Said the head captain of Var City Lions " Bring it" "OK" "Here we go " said the Lions "Just like we practiced" Said Ms.Kessiah. The refer blew the whistle and the game started. Saya kicked the ball to Diva. "I got the ball' yelled Diva.' Kick it back to Cassidy" screamed Jade. Jade kicked the ball to the goal and it went in. "YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH" screamed the audience. "now it's their turn."said Jordon "Play tough" hollered Ms.Kessiah. "OK" Hollered the kids back to her. The Lions had the ball and the game is really getting tough and sweaty." Hey go get the ball Diva" "OK" screamed Diva With a great big co boom because a girl on The Lions Team Tripped her and got a yellow card.
If she gets to more yellow cards she'll be out of this came If . Now it's time for Diva to get her kick but she doesn't want to she ask Saya to take the kick for her and she does. "Go Saya" screamed Lightning "OK just like at practice'" whispered Saya to herself. Saya goes and dribbles the ball a little bit to get closer then kicks the ball in almost but the goalie stops the ball and throws back out to her team then one of the girls on The Lions team shoots and scores. The refer blew his whistle and said that The Lions WIN.
Everyone walks over to Ms.Kessiah sad and unhappy.Then everyone blamed Saya for missing the goal and walked away mad.
Saya knew her friends we're mad at her then.

The very next day when Saya in the school building she saw her friends and ran to the bathroom crying while Saya was on the school bathroom floor crying she thought an idea and hoped her parents and friends would go for it. After school that day she went home and asked her parents if she could throw a soccer surprise party for her friends. They said YES. Saya went to school on Wednesday. She went up to her friends. " Hey will you come over to my house on Saturday please?" "Maybe Saya see you later." So Saya went to the store just in case they come and got some things for the party. Saya also had to wait three more days . She waited and waited. Then the day finally came Saya went to school did all her work then came running home getting ready for the party. When it was time for the party all of Saya friends came and loved the party they knew Saya loved them as much as they loved her. After the party was over Diva,Jordon,Cassidy and Jade all stayed and helped Saya clean up. After every mess that was made by them was cleaned up Diva,Jordon,Cassidy and Jade all forgave Saya they all stayed the night at saya house
all weekend and went to school together on Monday