Hi my name is Courtny and I am 10 years old. I am a girl who likes to play football. I live in Hannibal, MO.I have 4 pit bulls . I also have 8 sister and 4 brothers.Our school was built in 1925. It was named after a famous poet. We have 10 computers and a smart board in our class room on the third floor. We have started the 1001 Tales to the Alien King project.

The Swimming Pool Mystery

One day Jasmin, Peter, Jordan, Kk and DJ wanted to go to the pool so they asked Jasmin's grandma if she could take us in her car.Jasmin's "grandma said you should of just asked " " Does every body have every thing"."yes they all said." So she took them.It was in the summer on may 19th. As soon as they got there they saw lots of kids.they also saw life grids blowing there whistles next they were all swimming in the pool but DJ said he had to go so he left early so they just keep swimming . They were all swimming the pool closed at 7:00 they got there at 2:00. They swam for 3 hours.But the speaker came on and it said cheek you bags theres been a robbery so everybody got out of the pool and got in a line 4 people at a time went to cheek there bags. All of the money was missing. So every body had to leave the pool they closed it down in tell next year. The kids all wondered why DJ left early so they all ran to his house to tell him and his mom. they knocked on the door DJ's mom anwsed the door. They toled her and she said that DJ had a bag and he said not to tell were he hid this bag. Can you figure out my mystery?