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Hi my name is Destiny I am 10 years old. The things I like to do are: ride my horse named Tooter and to play with my dogs I have 5 dogs. My mom's name is Gail and my dad's name is Shaun and my sister's name is Kennedy, and Darion. I like to go swimming. I went to Decatur and it was fun and I like it. And you can go read it on our blog at and read the story called Decatur Darts.

Swimming on a Hot Day

One day my mom, dad, my sister and I were going swimming on Saturday after noon in the summer time in July. We were picking out our bathing suits. The color of my bathing suit was blue the size of my bathing suit is 10/12. y sister bathing suit were green the size of my sister bathing suit were 10/12 .I am 13 years old. My name is Jada. My sister name is Heaven and she is 12 years old and my mom is 29 my dad is 34 my mom name is Daisy my dad name is William. We got our bathing suits no and we got in the car we stared to dive to go get Heather. It was hot in the car. I said, "mom can we pick up some of my cousins and see if Heather can go swimming with me. And finely we got up the big hill and my mom called her mom and said that we are here to pick up Heather. And Heather got in the car and she said to my mom it is hot in here. Then Heather rolled down the window because It was hot in the car. Cold air came in the car. Every body said the air felled good.

Finley we got to the Hannibal pool. We walk up to the door and we open the door and we went in the pool and I said "mom Heather and me are going to the deep end and we jump in the water.Then me and Heather were go down the slide was red and it was about 11 feet high.The slide was short and the slide can be fun. If you like it .The name of the swimming pool is called Hannibal pool. And me and my cousin Heather was going to the deep end and she said that I wouldn't touch.I said I will carried you to the deep end. she said yes you will carried me to the deep end. We got to the deep end she said I can touch at the deep end I said are you sure you can touch she said yes I am sure that I can touch at the deep end. So I let Heather go and she went under water. Then I yell for the life guard. The live guard saved Heather. Then the live guard called the Emergency. Then the Emergency take Heather to the Doctor.Then she went home and tell her mom and dad and her mom said she need to rest she rest and the next day she was feeling better then she went outside and she played with me.

Heather and me and my sister Heaven played tag. It was fun.Then after we played tag we were tired because we were running. My mom was at her friends house her name was Judy. The age of her friend is 28. Judy and my mom were playing a game called cards. My dad is at his friends house talking to his friend. After we played Heather asked her mom If Heaven and me can spend the nigh with her. Her mom said yes they can spend the night with you. We ate super then My sister and me and Heather went in her room to play. Then after we played we went to bed. Then the next day her mom took my sister ,me and Heather to the Hannibal pool. Then we got there. Her mom said you and your sister and Jada will stay at the little pool. Then we stayed there until 4;00. Then her mom took us to her house to get on are clothes. Then after we got on are clothes her mom took us home. Then I asked my mom If Heather can stay my mom said yes. She can stay.We played until 8;00. Then we went to bed. Then the next day we played out side.Then after we played. We rode horses and It was fun. We ride up in the wood and I have 5 horse and there names are love, friend, Marion , page,Kelly. My favorite horse is Marion, Kelly, page,love. I ride my horse all the time. My horses are fun to ride and the fasted horse is love and I never ride love before.