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A Good Old Fashion Pirate Story

It was a dark cold night near the docks in Port Royal. The pub, as usual, was filled with drunken sailors and Jack O'Reilly and his
uncle John, the owner, were unfortunately in the kitchen in the back cleaning dishes. Although John was the owner, he was a nice
man and he liked to keep his nephew company, and Jack, the young short and skinny boy that dreamed of adventure, liked to
keep his uncle company.(It was very boring back there and there was nothing to do back there at all except wash dishes.)
After a while it was closing time and John went out to tell everyone they had to leave, but one man wouldn't go. "I'll be leaven'
when I want to!" the man shouted. "Nobody tells Captain Tate what to do!". By now the man had already pulled out his sword and
and had pointed it at John's throat "Now you'll be comin' with me to my ship and don't be expectin' I'll be lettin' ya live!", and he
dragged John out.

Jack,who was watching through the window had seen everything. For a moment he was puzzled but he finally realized what he
had to do and he went out to find his best friend Will. When he FINALLY found him, he told him everything that had happened.
When he was finally finished (he used a lot of detail) he asked Will to help find John. He bravely agreed. When they each had
sharp sword and a loaded pistol, they sailed out to find Captain Tate's pirate ship.
Meanwhile, on Captain Tate's old moldy pirate ship that smells of cow manure, Jimmy Dogbreath, Captain Tate's "right hand man"
(Captain Tate had a hook on his right hand) was tying up Jack's uncle John. " I can hardly breath." said John. "That's the point"
said Jimmy. "Why do they call you Jimmy Dogbreath anyway?" asked John. Jimmy breathed in his face and almost made John
puke. "Oh, that's why." said John with a cough.

Back on that "ity bity" "teeny tiny" really small boat of Jack and Will's, they were about fifty miles off of the coast, it was about
ten O'clock p.m. and they were HUNGRY. "Give me my sword I think I saw some fish." said Jack. "Hang on." said Will. He
reached under the seat, grabbed Jack's sword and handed it to him. Jack jabbed the sword into the water. Then all of a sudden the
boat shot into the water. There was water shooting up from the ocean! " I think I stabbed a whale." said Jack. "Really?" Will asked.
He stuck his head under the boat and water sprayed in his face. "Yeah, that's a whale." Will said while wiping his eyes. Then
with an enormouse splash the boat dropped back onto the ocean. Jack jabbed the sword back into the water. Again shot into the
air. "You really like getting on my nerves don't you?" Will said while snatching the sword out of Jack's hands. "Oh, yeah." Jack
said with a proud look on his face.

Back on that old ship of Captain Tate's, Captain Tate and Jimmy Dogbreath were standing in front of a crew of pirates facing John."Well boys," said Captain Tate. "What do yee think we should do with this here gentleman?" "hang eem!" they shouted. "Poison eem!" they shouted. "Cut off ees head!" they shouted. "Let him go!" shouted John when they weren't looking. "You'll be SHUTTIN' yeer mouth!" shouted Captain Tate while he accidentally spat a very disgusting lougy in John's mouth. (John pukes). "What did I do?" asked John. "You know what yee did, big mouth." said Captain Tate in probably his most angry voice. "Well, what are you going to do to me then?" said John. " Make me walk the plank?". "Well that's a wonderful idea!" said Captain Tate. "Right boys?". They all started shouting and screaming. " I guess I do have a big mouth." John mumbled to himself. "He'll get it at noon tomorrow!" Captain Tate said while all the pirates started cheering again. "Oh yeah, I have a VERY big mouth." said John.

Meanwhile, back at Jack and Will's boat, it had gotten dark and they were both getting ready to fall asleep when all of a sudden, the boat started to rock wildly and Jack and Will were to afraid to even move. "What do you suppose that is?" Will asked. "If we're lucky it'll just be a big fish." Jack replied. Then, the boat shot to the side and did a flip. "How much are this are we going to have to go through?" Will asked. "Apparently a lot." Jack said. All of a sudden, a shark's head appeared out of th water and swallowed Will! Then right as it was about to do the same to Jack, he started shouting "Help! Help!" The sharp razor teeth getting ever closer, but just as the shark was about to eat him, he woke up. He was still screaming, but he woke up. His shouting had woken up Will. "What are you screaming?!" " I can't say, but do me a favor and don't mention sharks. EVER!" Jack said. "Just go back to sleep." Will told him. "Fine"

4 hours later....... "Wake up" said Jack. "it's time to get moving." Will woke up and rubbed his eyes. "Why, it's only seven O' clock." (the sun rose at completely at seven O' clock.) " Yeah, well we don't want my uncle John to be dead by the time we get to him." Jack said. "Right, forgot where we were for a moment." Will said.

Meanwhile on Captain Tate's ship, John was trying to cut his ropes off while Captain Tate and his crew were asleep. He tried "wiggling" them off, didn't work. He even tried chewing them off. Honestly, that did the least to help. "How did telling someone to leave get me into this mess?" John asked himself. "Either that Captain Tate guy is the grouchiest person in the world or he's nuts." "I heard that!" shouted Captain Tate from his bunk room. "And if yeer wantin' to know, I've got anger problems!" "yeesh." said John. "Your already making me walk the plank, and now your being a grouch. What kind of person are you?" John shouted. "An angry one that'll cut yeer throat!" Captain Tate shouted back. "And yeer still a big mouth!" he told John again. "If I ever get back to Port royal, I'm closing down the pub." John told himself.

Back on Jack and Will's boat, It was about eleven, thirty A.M. and Jack was telling Will that he thought he saw a ship. "Go northeast." Jack told Will. "Why?". "Because I see a ship.". "We should get there at about noon." 30 minutes later... "We made it!" Jack shouted. "We don't even know if it's the right ship." said Will Jack climbed up onto the the ship with his gear."Looks like the right ship." said Jack. "How do you know?" "The wall says "property of Captain Tate", and my uncle John is tied up." "Oh." said Will. Jack walked up to his uncle and pulled out his sword. Then, all of a sudden, Captain Tate (along with Jimmy Dogbreath and the rest of the crew) appeared out of their bunking rooms. (It was a really, really, big ship.) "Well boy's" started Captain Tate. "Looks like we've got a couple of uninvited guests." "We've come for my uncle." Jack said. "And we'll be leaving with him." added Will. They both pulled out their pistols. "Now we don't wanna play rough do we?" said Captain Tate with an evil smerk on his face. "We will if we have to." said Will while pulling out his sword. Will ran at Captain Tate while Jack cut off John's ropes. Will reached Captain Tate and swiped his sword. Then all of a sudden, Captain Tate kicked him down, picked him up, and threw him across the ship! Will was on the ground unconscious. John got up and Jack handed him a sword and they began to fight for their lives.