Hi I am Kaleigh I am in fourth grade. I am in Mr.Smith class.I am ten years old. We are at the very end of the landmark project. The landmark is the best project ever. We have e-mail pals in Taiwan. My e-mail pals are Kiki Quenna and Yvonne. We have been sending e-mails to our e-mail pals in Taiwan. Our e-mail pals sent us time lines of their life they were awesome. I have been in the Monster project, 1001 tales project and the Landmark project. I also was in a project with our e-mail pals. The project was called the Coral Reef project. It was so much fun especially scene we did it with Taiwan. We have lots of computers in our room we have exactly 11 computers in our room. We have a little computer that is called the X-o it is a tinny computer. Our room has a lot of cool things in it. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite thing to do is ride my bike. Have any of you heard of Hannibal MO before. Do you have e-mail pals or ever had e-mail pals before.


By Kaleigh

Our trip to St.Louis was the greatest trip ever. The travelers were Ashley, Laura, Anita, Taylor and Markqz. Ashley is a good friend and a nice caring person. Laura is my mom and a helpful person. Anita is my grandma also a caring person. Taylor is a person who is really like me. Markqz is my brother and sometimes he is bad but other wise a good person. First thing Friday we were at the house getting packed and ready to go. Ashley and me were in my room packing. My brother Markqz was in his room packing and watching TV. That is why he has close to nothing packed. My mom and my grandma were finished packing and are getting snacks for on the road. When they are done getting snacks so they walk in to my room and see if we are done packing and we say that we are done. After they check on us they check on my brother when they get in their he got in trouble they had to hurry and help him pack because it was almost time to go. After that it was time to go so we took the luggage everybody got the luggage in the car fast they were so excited. Taylor was excited that she got to bring Ashley along. The good part was that it was in the summer. We stayed for three days and two nights.

Finally we got in the car and headed of to St.Louis. It was the longest ride ever. It seemed loner than the the ride to Chicago. That was a long ride.We go half way there which is about to by and we were able Troy. That is when the worse could have happened and of course the bad stuff always happens to us.

We knew the bad luck had started when our car broke down and we had to get it fixed. The with our car were we were just driving along the road when all of a sudden the engine started to smoke you could see it and you could smell it to. Then the tire just blow up we were not moving or anything it was so weird. It was psycho. We were just lucky that a tow truck drove by and we were able to get it to stop. So he towed us to the nearest auto shop to get our car fixed.

Then when we went shopping and we get to the check out we did not have enough money on us.So we had to put some things back but we bought what we could. OK it is getting a little late so we go to our hotel when we get there they do not have our reservation.They did not have our reservation in the computer they had lost them.They were cleaning out the computer and had printed out the reservations and now they do not have ours. Along with ours they had lost a lot of other reservations. So we were not the only ones that had lost our reservation which was kind of a good thing. The good luck started later ...

When Laura and Anita enter a drawing the good luck has come. In a drawing you have to enter your name then they will draw the names out of a bucket or something and if you hear your name you have to go up and get your prize .They waited untill it was time for the two names to be drawn. They got something to eat like hot dogs chips and a Pepsi while they waited. It was time for the two names to be drawn the two names were Laura and Anita they could not believe it they really won. You should have seen their faces when they heard that it was them that won. When they got the money we went back to the store and got what we could not get last time. After that we went back to the hotel to relax and go swimming or something. Taylor and Ashley swam for a while in the big blue oval pool. Laura,Anita and Markqz stayed in the room and relaxed. We had a cellphone on us in case they need something they could just call us and we could come. We were done swimming and came back to the room but we called first to tell to unlock the door. So they came and unlocked the door for us. Our room number was 101. Afetr a while of watching TV we had to go to bed because to night was our last night in St.Louis. We had a lot of fun in St.Louis. We wold like to do that again sometime. We had the best time ever.