Hello! My name is Kimmiesha. I was born in Hannibal. I am 10 years old and my birthday is on May 12. We have pen pals in Taiwan. They gave us stocking with stuff in them. We sent them stuff to. I have never been to Qatar have you been to the united states? I have never done any thing like this before. Except the coral reef. This is my first time doing anything like this in 4th grade. My favorite food is corn and Fried Chicken. I like going to Chicago I go there for the summer. I would like to go to Qatar to see what it looks like. Have you ever been to Chicago before? It is fun there. One of my favorite things to do is draw. My favorite subject is math. I know you don`t hear that from a lot of people. I also like writing to. Do you have Chicken and corn were ya`ll live? I like Football and Basketball. That`s what I do now as a sport. I am very good at these sports. That is the end of the story all about me.

The Basketball game

As the story begins Jasey, Jasmin, Keisha are a new school in New York. There school is called University Harbor. It was at the end of the day and they was R walking to the basketball court. Jasmin is 11, Jasey is 12. Keisha is 11. They have on their red basketball outfits and shoes. Jasey is dribbling the ball down the sidewalk. They got to the basketball court and started playing. Jasey passed it to Jasmin and she shot it. Then it was Keisha`s turn and she turned around and shot it. When she was going back down the court to get the ball she had tripped over Jasmin`s shoe. When she feel she twisted her ankle. She started to cry.Keisha could not get up to tell her mom she was hurt .Jasmin and Jasey helped her in the car.

She took her to the hospital.Tina asked was she going to make it OK. Tina told the people she needed a doctor fast. So they sat down and watched T.V. Then the doctor said Keisha The two sisters helped her to the back.The doctor gave her an X-ray test. He said she had twisted her ankle. They gave her an ankle brace to put on. They also gave her some crunches to wear. Then Tina took them home and went to go get some Burgers and fries. Then she went home and they ate. After they ate they went to set down and watch T.V. Then they went to Keisha`s room and went to sleep for the next day.Then the next day it was there basketball game.

They had to travel all the way to Monroe. When they got there they had to tel the coach that Keisha would not be able to play but she will be watching. So they started the game they were playing against the bears. So Keisha screams "Come on Team Thunder" It was 4th quarter they had 20 more seconds before the game finished. Jasey grabbed the ball she passed it to Jasmine and a 7 seconds left she shot it and Team Thunder won. They was so excited at the end because it was 19 to 28. Their mom said "Good job girls". After the game they traveled back to New York. Some of the team rode with Tina and the rest rode on the bus. When they got to New York the went to Grand Rio. They was having a ball and was all happy that they won. After they left the kids that rode with her to Grand Rio asked if Tina could take them home or if they could stay the night. Tina said YES to both of the questions. Well she dropped some of the kids off and the kids that were staying the night went with Tina. Before they stayed Tin a called all their moms to see if they could stay. Their mom said "yes" as long as they come and get clothes. They went to get clothes and then went to their house. Thats the end of my story!!!!

I like your story its really cool but the first part is really interesting you want to know more about it. = kiyana = partner