EF- Lexie

Hi my name is Lexie . What I like to do at school is to play
chess. My Favorite

Going Swimming

Cody and Zack were at there friend Will's house in Quincy.They ask there mom if they could go swiming at the commutity pool in Hannibal. Their mom said yes. Next there mom said we are going to drive in the van . Then Zack said why said Zack because we can have more room.Then there mom got in the van so did the kids except Zack . Zack said that he didnt want to go so his mom said that he could stay home by his self and his mom said yes. Finnally his mom went up stairs to find there shorts . Then they drove off. when they got there they payed 15 dollars for each one of them so they can get in. They got in the second deepest part. When Zack and Will got out of the swimming pool they begin to get in a fight. Zack's mom stopped the fight then Zack's mom drove Will home first in Quincy. Next Zack and his mom and Will had went to the pool. Then Zack got the ball before will then they got in a argument . Then they all had went home feeling happy hungry and tired.