Hi my name is Lloyd I live in Hannibal,Mo. I like to get all my work done and play video games. I like to go to go to gym in the school that is the best special mostly and when school is over I go home and play my game W.W.E, world wrestling entertainment.that game is the top game in the whole game stop. It is 2009 wrestling famous game it comes with a ladder match, cage match, first blood, iron man, back stage match, weapons, and road to wrestle mania 25. Khalid and Ben I hope you have fun in the project.

Fight for the Case
In May in the spring J, Tom, and John, traveled to Jacksonville for a wrestling match. These three men have been wrestling for 3 years J is 7/0 Tom he is 6/6 feet tall and John is 6/6 foot tall two. J is not nice, John is very tough, and Tom is very gentle. And here is a secret. J, John, and Tom are brothers but they turned their backs on each other.

The bus carried them from Panama City Beach to Jacksonville to night to get ready for the big event. It was a money in the bank ladder match. J was in his locker room getting warmed up. He was wearing a black suit with W.W.E that stands for world, wrestling, entertainment. Out in the ring is a large case locked to a wire. The case is black and on the inside is a contract for a million dollars. All of the men are getting to fight for the case. They are ready for the money in the bank But John had something to say but in a wink of a eye stop!!! The referee said," J no!" J Just hit John in back of his head with a chair then Tom got hit by J in his locker room. J pinned Tom and now J is going to wrestle mania 25 anniversary for the money in the bank ladder match.

And now Tom is known as a raw smack down and ecw superstar and is known as the champ.