Welcome to my space. Hi my name is Aimee. I am 9 years old. I like to play sport. My favourite food is fairy floss. My favourite song is Thanks for the Memories by Fall Out Boy. I live in Victoria. I have a cute cat that is really furry. Her name is Candy Cane. I like watching TV and playing with cats. I like music. My hobbies are sport, friends, TV, movies, cats, mp3, and lots more. My favourite colours are blue, purple and black. I like going to the pool. I have 3 friends. We have net books if you don’t know what they are they are mini laptops. I have 1 sister, 1brother, 1 baby niece and that’s it. Good bye.

“Hey that’s my hand bag”! “Give my hand bag back”. I am right behind her. She went into her secret hideout. “Hey come out here I have your favourite food”. “REALLY”. “Yes”. “I will give you your favourite food if you give my hand bag back”. When she came out I started running she started after me.” I stopped and said I will give you your favourite food if you give my hand bag back”. “Ok”. “At the sometime”. “Yep”. Yeah I got my favourite food back the granny said. Yeah I got my hand bag back.” Do you today won’t to go to my house to have something to eat and a drink”? “Ok”. “Cool”. “Your house is wonderful”. “I know”. “Do you won’t a drink”. “Yes please”. “Do you won’t a drink of coke”.” Yes”. “This is so nice”. “Do you won’t more of your favourite food”. “YES said the granny”. “Tomorrow do you won’t to go to my house tomorrow” said Lisa. “Ok”. “We can go to the park for a walk”. “Ok”. “Tomorrow”. “Yep”. “Bye I will see you tomorrow”. “Ok”. “Bye”. “Bye”.