Hello my name is Alannah. My nickname is Larns, Larn or Larine. I live in Victoria in the country. I am 9 years young, I love mango. I like to play sports and if you want to know I am a girl. I have one brother. I love Australia because there is no war. I am good at computers. I don’t like cats because they scratch. I have two working dogs and one play puppy. He is 13 weeks. He is black and white, he is cute and he is a Jack Russell/English Springer Spaniel. A Jack Russel is a mini dog that hunts mice. An English Springer Spaniel is a hunting dog that has long fur and big ears and goes in water to get ducks.

Being in the out back
The blooming fly’s were all over me at home, and that was when I realised that I was out of money so I went outside to see if it was suitable to find a farm to work on. Then I was totally black of flies.
I felt a bit sorry for me old dog Brut. I was going to stay at home with Brut. But then I looked in the racked old panty with some of the wood hanging of. I say ya have to be careful with this door. One time me old mate came and culched one of the pantry doors and it fell right on top of him and now I only have one pantry door and now when he wants a drink he just pops his head in the door.
So any way I just slowly opened the door because the door that is of is too small to get any thing out. Then there was no food so I got me spear cloths that were all rangy and stuff. Then I got out Brut’s old rope with a lope on the end and put it on him. Then I set of.

We have a long way a head” I said to Brut.
Then at about ten at night i fell asleep. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”
It was my dog liking me. Oh no it was 9am and I am starving and I haven’t even started waken. 5 hours later.....about now I started going a bit kookoo. Then I found a farm and I knocked on the door nobody was there but I know better that to go in to a person’s house when there not here but then I thought, one, I’m starving two, my dog is starving and I need a bed to sleep on. So I went in anyway then I put all me stuff on the floor, tided up brut. And hoped on the couch “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’’
A voice from down bellow screamed my heart was pounding. I thought we were going to just get up and he or she would let me stay the night but NOOOOOOOO. I got up as quick as I could then I ran and to my delight I went right through the kitchen then the second time around the kitchen I decided to get all the food I could and make a run for it.
Then I got all the food I could and I was going to untie brut but he wasn’t there I say I don’t make very good knots so I kept running and to my surprise a swaggie popped out of no where and he must of been searching for work like me and found brut.
“Thanks” I said. “That’s all right“ he said then we went of looking for a job with the most food we have ever had and were half swaggie. In the end we got a job and then we lived finally like normal swaggie. I don’t know about him but that’s his story.