sup - my name is Ben. My nick name is Benny. I have a Rune Scape. Do you have a Rune Scape? It is awesome. It is a game on the internet. My guy is strong as. He has heaps of stuff. He has a cool sword. hes username is benny1235612. Go to my blog @ I live on a sheep and beef farm. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother and a mum and dad. I have a big jump at home for my motorbike. It was scary when I first jumped it. But now it’s awesome.

Here's the frest bit off my story
Hurry we got to climb the lader.BOOOOM!!!!! ARRRRRR. are you all rhit? i dont thing so. just get up you pussy. we better get going. omg. did you just see that. no no i didint. what was it. look over there. omg.
where do you thing we are. duno dont cere.we better go and dry and find some more guys. yer. what the heck was that. duno. warrrrr. dude dude. where did you go. huh what how did he die. ill take his gun. rrrrrrrr. what was that. why am i talking to my self. ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrr. oho. RORE!!!!!! BANG BANG BANG BANG!!!!!!! ARRRR I GOT TO GET OUT OFF HERE. turok shrrrrrr.where did you come from. your mom. ill kill you for that. it was a joke.not you him. frez!!!! oho.lest i still have my nife. dont tell them that. wach this. huh you do. give it her. ok come get it. aaarrrrr. die. no you.kikkk. i thing hes dead. huh huh ho is that.

thats flash our sniper. he sher is a good. why did he's a signal wer under attat. run!!! hurry. BANG BANG BANG POW POW BING BING. AAARR BULLIT'S ARE FLYING EVRY WER. HE HE HA HA. I NO.POW. ARRRRR IM HIT!!!!!. I NEED A MEDIC. ARRRR. THE PAIN. hold on man. we are nely fenshed. all done. you need to rest for a whill.BANG BANG BANG. ARR NOW HOW ARE WE GONNER GET OUT OFF THIS MESS. BOOM BOOM BOOM. WHAT WAS THAT? BOOM BOOM BOOM. iii ddont nnno. ho caers keep shooting. RORE!!!! ARR ITS A TREX!! stop it doesin look like it is comeing over here.BOOM BOOM BOOM. IT WASTED THE PLATOON THERE.i no why did it attact them. that means only one thing we are nera it nest. turok me you and flash will go and find the nest the rest off you stay her and rest. well be back in the morrning if we arnt dont worry we will be back. huh huh huh run faster men huh huh huh.

wow. flash what are you.... looking we got to take that base over.what are you crazy us 3 on to about 60 of em. well wer going to go back and get some more men. ok. huh what was that. INDRUDERS INDRUDERS. GET HIM TUROK!!!!.give me a nife.die arr. did you get him turok? yer stab him in the back.good. wate what is your name? slay. we got to keep moving. huh huh huh huh. we huh found huh a huh basehuh we huh need huh your help huh huh. good men we will attact. ready 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 CHARG!!!!! WE ARE UNDER ATTACT.WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! BANG BANG POW POW BANG POW PING. I THING WE TOOK THE BASE rhit nest to you so you dont have to YELL IN MY ERE. flash what are you doing geting more amo.