Hi I’m Cara. I live near Hawkesdale. I go to Hawkesdale p-12 College. I love it.
I’ve been in Australia all my live. I’m 10 years old. I live on a beef farm. I have 1 brother he is really annoying. I love to watch the Simpsons, it’s my favourite show. I like going to school. There is 4 people in my family.
I have 7 friends. Their names are Emalee, Natalie, Elektra, Helen, Jasmine, Taylor and Tiarnie.
ike playing my game boy. I have 1 horse. I’m getting another horse soon.

“Ahh! oh no! all the children in the city are gone” screamed a chicken in horror
“My son” said an alligator
“my little girl” said a sloth very, very slowly
“there all gone. Who could have done this?” said all the parents of the city
“ I now how did it, if you ever want to see them again you’ll have to give me all the pet’s in the city, apart from
the fat one’s and you better do that before the stroke of midnight, oh I almost forgot take them to town square”
said the howling wolf of Transil Vania . HOWL!!!!!!!
Then the mayor suddenly announced that all the people with healthy pet’s to go to the city hall.
“everyone we need to give the howling wolf of transil vania our healthy pet’s or our children will face the
consiqencise” said the mayor
All the people from the city went home to grab there pet’s but one lady was really upset, cause she didn’t evan
have a child and she had to give up her pet that she had loved for years. Her name was lily the lizard. She was
wondering why she had to give up her pet when she doesn’t even have a child.
2 hour’s later everyone met up at the town square. They saw the howling wolf. They saw there children. All the
children were saying mummy or daddy.
The wolf said “do you have the pet’s”
They gave him there pet’s, but before lily gave him her pet she saw that he cut himself and that it locked like he
was a robot. She was about to tell everyone when he left.
She found her friend and tolled her then she tolled her fiend till it got to the mayor. The mayor decided to get
every on to go to the city hall to have a meeting about the wolf. All the city went for 2 hour’s and they decided
that the wolf was a robot and they decided that the next time anyone saw him that they would spray him with a
water pistil to see if he really was a robot. While they were there the wolf was leading his animal army into the
city. They heard him and ran outside to see what was going on. They saw him and grabbed there water pistols. They
shot them at the things on the animals heads and they fell of and the animals ran to there owners. Then there was
just the wolf and lily. Lily took 1 shot an it hit him were his heart would be. He fell to the ground. He was
The end.