Hi! This my wiki. My name is Chris and I have 2 nicknames they are Turtle and Turf. I am about 164cm tall. I am 11 years old. .I play indoor cricket. My highest score is 68 off 20 balls. I have got lots of wickets and run outs and runs. I am an all rounder. look at my blog @ www.turf.globalstudent.org.au.

On one late night we were playing a big gig. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. We were playing Hotel California. We played good as solos and the next song was one way or anther it was hard.

Then we had a break and we left our stuff on the stage. all of a sudden meat ball man took all the gaiters. We came back and our stuff was gown. “ATTENTION everyone did any one see how took our guitars ” said Ben. “yes it was meat ball man” someone said. “there he is he is running to his car get him before he gets in” I said. “Got him” will said.

we played all the songs on guitar hero world tour. we are up to expert.

Nice we played all night long it was the best Gig ever.