G’day mates, this is my page. How is it going? My name is Darcy. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I like all kinds of athletics like high jump, AFL (Australian Football League), running sports and stuff like that. I am 138 cm high. I’m very good at spelling and I love computers especially ICT. This is my page, I hope you liked it. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi. please visit my Blog on kea0060.globalstudent.org.au

1001 tales
this is an outline for my first story.
hero. Darcy
victim. Dacry
villian. Telstra Dome Thief
Where. Telstra Dome
problem. belongings keep getting taken

The Telstra Dome thief
“Ah!!! You little bugger stop.”
“Give me my wallet back thief”.
“My wallet just got stolen catch him.”

“The Telstra Dome thief.”
(News update) “The Telstra Dome thief we call him it’s outrageous - stolen bags, wallets, you name it, he has to be stopped”.
One cold wet day, a great day to play Football, a small man walked into the Telstra Dome to whatch a game of AFL his name was Darcy. When he found a seat he put his wallet in his bag after buying a box of chips and a drink. Suddenly a man with a mask sprinted past him and at the same time he snatched Darcy bag. He started to chase him.
As he was running he jumped strait on to a tram I waited for the next tram WHOOOSH I saw him get off the tram. I got off were he got off I saw some stairs and an elevator the thief took the elevator so I took the stairs. Thank god there were rails, I slid and slid and slid I finally stopped!!!BANG!!! I caught him.” To Jail with you mister”. Darcy was rewarded by all the thief’s victims and was a force to be reckoned with every time he went to the Telstra Dome.
The End