Hello, my name is Eliza. I am 9 years old and I am turning 10 in June this year. My nick name is Mini Sim because my older
sister’s nick name is Simmo.my code name is lollipop. I am a girl and I live in Penshurst, Victoria, Australia. I go to Hawkesdale P-12 College. My family likes Hawkesdale School because we get lots of sports and we just got some new mini laptops called net books. When I was six
months old I moved from Hawkesdale to Penshurst and I’ve been there ever since. I like all animals and I have a Siberian
husky named Maggie and a cat named Misty.
when I grow up I will be a farmer

The weird people
“OH NO” said the Weirdo man “we’ve been swallowed by a giant pelican” “don’t be silly” said the weirdo woman “it’s just a whale”! When really the weirdo man was right........or was he???.....oh well you never know was it a whale or was it a pelican? “Yeah well, it better be a giant pelican cause a whale’s even worse!” said the weirdo man. All of a sudden the pelican started to talk, it was mechanical with a person in side...... but they did not know that they were too busy arguing. Mean while......”NO, IT’S A GIANT PELICAN” said the weirdo man “NO, ITS A WHALE” said the weirdo woman and they kept arguing and arguing and they wouldn’t stop. “I will hypnotize you, you weird people” yelled the giant mechanical pelican, and this time the weirdos heard the giant pelican and they got freaked because they hadn’t heard it all the other times. “I’ve been talking to you the whole time you’ve arguing you two weirdos!” “Oh, and by the way, I am a giant pelican” “told you” the weirdo man yelled at the weirdo woman, “oh well.......I knew that” said the weirdo woman. “Don’t you two start arguing again” said the giant mechanical pelican. “Oh we won’t... at least we will try not to” said the weirdo woman. “But if we do argue what will you do to us?” “I have not thought about that yet, but it will be something bad when I do know it!” just then the weirdo man remembered that he works in the meat factory and he still had a knife in his pocket. “Hey, I still have a knife in my pocket from work” whispered the weirdo man. “Well stab the pelicans beak and make it drop us, for god sake!” screamed the weirdo woman. So the weirdo man stabbed the pelican’s beak. The pelican made all these fuzzy sounds and then he gave a loud “AAAAAGH”. The pelican dropped the weirdos and they landed on the beach. The pelican started falling down and then it hit the ground and shattered in to thousands of tiny bits. The police came rushing down the sand and then unmasked the person who was driving the pelican, and it turned out it was a girl called Eliza (me) and her talking pet lama who were the villains. so Eliza went to jail for 2 years and the RSPCA shot the lama and no one ever saw Eliza (or the lama) ever again.

Villain-Me and My pet Lama
Hero-Weird man and weird woman
Problem-swallowed by a giant mechanical pelican
Place-pelicans beak and a beach