Hi I’m Emalee and this is my wiki.
Our school rocks! It is really cool because the year 5 student get net book (they are laptops.) I am in grad 5 witch is really cool the net books are so awesome. I don’t like cats I think they are smelly I like horses and reptiles I have a reptile licence and one of my favourite pet is Ambersetti she is a Bearded dragon she is really cool.
Thanks for reading my wiki.

my first draft

Chomp snap nibble chatter. “AAARRRR what was that?!”
“What was what?”
“That nous it sounds like a squirrel.”
“It probably was.” Answered my best friend Samantha.
“It must of been a really big squirrel then.” I answered back.
hi my name is sally I live in a small town called squollch it is in England I’m animal crazy one of my favourite animals are chipmunks they are so cute with their little strips down there backs. I was going to Samantha’s to drop her of at her house.
She just lives down the road which is really cool because I get to go to her house heaps.
The next day I rang Samantha up to see if she would like to come over. I tell her that I heard something again and I wanted to see if she would like to come and set up a trap to catch whatever mad that noise in the roof.
She said “I will be there in 2 minutes.” So I ran down stairs looking for dad I found mum and I asked her if she had seen dad she said that he had gone to town to pick up my little annoying sister from day care school. So I ran up stairs agen to my room and gave dad a call there was no answer so I went to the shed I never liked dad’s shed because it is drack and filled of lots of stuff it is everywhere on the floor it is easy to fall over and heart yourself. Just as I was opening the door Samantha and her mum pulled in the driveway.
As I walked over to their car she asked where I heard the noise so I took her inside and show her were I heard the noise as I was standing there looking at the roof Samantha went down steers to get a broom from the cubed then she came back up the steers and stood next to me as she slowly and steadily raced the broom up at the roof poked it. THEN! We heard a horrible screeching noise coming from striate above us then we both thundered down the steers and stumbled over on the couch laughing at each other Then we heard a another car pulling in as I walk over to the window it was my dad we went and asked him if he can get us a trap. So he goose to the shed we her a bit of a crash and a stumble but after about two minutes he came out and in his hand he had a possum trap then we went to the kitchen and chopped some apple and put it on a strand of wire.
We went up into the roof to set up the trap up but we were so scared that Samantha was going to jump out at us. The next day we heard a screech and we went up to the roof and shore enough there in the cage was a big fat possum because the possum was so fat we hat to go and get dad he is big and strong so we went and got him.
When he sour the possum he was amassed of how big and fat it was. Then we all got in the car and drove off to a huge plantation on the edge of England.
And there was where we let the possum go I could of sworn that that possum winked at me before it skrarmpid up a tree