Welcome to my wiki. My name is Luke and my nickname is Juice. I love sport. My favourite sports are Australian rules football, tennis and cricket. I also love cars and motorbikes and more. I am 10 years old and I am in year 5. I live in Hawkesdale on a sheep and cattle farm that is almost 1000 acres.

story for alien king

Ding dong. i have a delivery for Joe and Darcy thats us just sing here thank you Joe and Darcy went to see who it was from. it sad from the Marster. and they lived with a guy called James they were like brothers.

One day james opened the box.and he disappeared. Darcy and joe never saw him again. so now who ever opened the box would diappear and never be seen again. One year later Joe and Darcy had a party. And a girl the box and she was gone.

Joe and Darcy went to the adress that they got the box from. they saw the marster he was so ugly they throw the box in the marsters room and ran home the opened there door to there house and they the box was in there house so they opened the box and that was it the end.