Hello ni hau (chinese) I am Tayla I have only been in Australia for a little while. I go to Hawkesdale p12 college .Our schools is cool because we get to do use mini laptops and sports like netball soccer and other things .This school has lots of nice teachers. I like cats and puppies and other animals.

“What was that” said the town mayor.“It was a cat its a very fast cat” said the little girl that was walking past with .
”It must be a monster cat” said a person out a shop .” Let get our old super dog’
‘ I thought he was not a super dog any more ‘. “Hello is your dog still a super hero dog “no he is not but “I can make him a
super dog again by telling him everything”. “The town is going to be saved” said the mayor the super dog was not that happy
about that but he is still going to save them!!ZOOM!!
“There is that crazy cat is that really it yes go and get it super dog “someone needs to take him there I while I am a taxi
driver”. “Go as fast as you can” ok I will I hope we
catch that crazy cat today or another day before he gets something bad happening like putting something on fire”.
“Woof get that dynamite away ‘no you’re a crazy dog”. “Woof give me the rope got you crazy cat call the animal control
before he gets away!” “ Have you don e it yes there coming right now “no you will never get me away from my destiny
“to late they are all ready here no ‘I will get you one day super dog!!!”