My name is Tiarnie.
i live in koroit.It is near warnambool.
I love to ride horses and I have one of my own.I have a family of two brothers and one sister.
hear is my story to keep the alian king!!

One morning in a small town of mayvill, a girl called emilly went out to get the mail.
At the door was a big bix.
she took it inside to open.she yelled out mum and dad come and have a look what is in this box.
it was a big book. on the frount of the box it said this is a book for a girl thar loves horses but dose not have one.
she was so excited that she ran out and got the news paper and looked init for a horse.
she found a horse that was the right size so she ran out to her mum who was now in the kitchen.
mum can i get a horse or a pony her mum said mabe for your birthday.
but, no buts said mum if you want a horse or a pony you can only get one for your birthday or maybe christmas.
ok said emily. mum can i go to rundles the ridding school. in said mabe for your birthday.
on the day of her birthday she looked out the window and there standing was a very pretty horse.
it is very pretty she said to her mum thankyou.
from now on she fed the horse carrots everyday.