hi my name is tom i go to hawksdale p12 collage

Arr!!! there is alien ship on the oval. the aliens are coming out they have three eyes and 2 noses and three feet and six arms.
arr! They have lasers zzzzzz! Zzzzzz! All of the kids got there pens and pencils and there rules
the caption of all the ales is caption big nose! The kids with there pens pencils and rules started poking and hitting them
the aliens zapped Ben he was still alive will got hit and so did Hayden peter got hit as well.
one of the aliens got hit in the head with a bin lid he got angry and thru a bomb BANG!! Half the school got blown up now we were outnumbered.
capten big nose was controlling them some Ben and will made a plan to gang up on the caption witch meant they needed a distraction to get past them i know get peter and Hayden to run out in front and throw rocks at them ok lets go you go first peter and Hayden ok now we will go lets bring rakes and shovels ok lets go.
zzzzzz! Zzzzzz! Quick they are coming run smash there going in the school wack! I just hit an alien in the heed wack! Wack! Will and ben just hit 2 in the had as well.
Peter and Hayden were having trouble keeping the aliens distracted and they were running out of rocks they were losing strength o no said peter were out of rocks Hayden have you got any rocks left no I don’t ok lets run I agree said peter arr!
There shooting there lasers quick there getting closer arr! Wack! Smash! Bang! me will and Ben jumped out from behind a tree 3 down 4 to go we don’t want to be the bait this time said peter and Hayden ok we wont have bait this time
ok hears the plan we all split op with our shovels and spades and surround them then we run in and hit them in the had ok lets go.shh run wack! Smash! Bang! Yes! we got them.
they beared them and aliens never came agene no one even new that there were aliens except for me Ben will Hayden and peter the end