G'day I'm Will from Australia, my nickname is is W.K. I live on a sheep and dairy farm. you can check out my blog @ www.kai0001.globalstudent.org.au. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters a mum and a dad.

"yah take that smooth stu i win the fight ha ha!" said the big fella. i know what you're thinking why on earth would the big fella be fighting smooth stu, well if i go back to the very start maybe you will find out.

well it began like this one sunny day jonny was walking to his fried boris' house when he bumped into something. he looked up and saw nothing ecsept a butten floating to the side. jonny pressed the butten and disapeared, when he re apeared he was in a bright colourful world with people riding around in what seemed to be hovercrafts! when somebody rode by Jonny stopped him to ask him where he was. "in the futre" replied the stranger.