Asalam alikom (Hello) my name is Dana Iam from Qatar and iam 10 years old and my favorite color is hot pink and red , I like dogs but i hate cats and my favorite sport is football . I hope you had a great time bye bye!!!
^_^ PEACE UP^_^!!!

My first draft:

The alien king shouldn't destroy Qatar, first Qatar is a beautiful country because it has many nice theme parks such as cornich and the zoo has a theme park and sendibad theme park also it has Aspire wich has lots of sport clubs like football and gymnastics and more... , it has the biggest indoor games wich is Aspire Club and more...

Seconed it is a very nice culture because first it has a nice traditional clothes like for womenes they wear abaya and shila , for girls they wear thobe al nashil and for boys they wear thobe, gotrah and egal also they wear these clothes in traditional feastvial for example garangou and maybe in Eid and more!!!

Third you shoudn't destroy it because first isit has wonderful hotels and land marks for example hotels like Four Seasons , Marriot and more.. for land marks for example landmark , city center , mall , center point and royal plaza and more they are very very big.

Draft 2:

Dear Alein King , Please don't destroy Qatar, You shouldn't injure this wonderful Peninsula , A Peninsula is a country that is surrounded by water, from west to east and south.

First of all , Qatar is a safe country and it's also attractive, its safe because it dosen't have an enemy and also the goverment is excellent and because its attractive, it has many awesome park's like the cornich it has lots of beautiful green places by the way its all green with colorful flowers it's very beautiful and please don't destroy this wonderful place!!!

Seconed of all, It also has a wonderful tradition for example their is loads of outstanding outfits for ladys and gentalmen's for ladys abaya's ,shila and thobe alnashiland for gentalmen thobe,ghotrah and egal, to describe these first the abaya is black and the shila is also black and some are colorful , but thobe all nashil is colorful and it has gold on it and for the gentalmen the thobe is white and its like a dress and the egal is a black circle that u put it on your head and ghortah is a white scarf thatthey also put it on their head too and don't forget the tasty food like machbose and it is yellow rice with chicken also hares and thared the hares is weat and meat and the thared is vegtable with meat. Do you think its a delicous food?

Third of all, It has the biggest indoor stadium its called Aspier in this place it learn's you lots of sport's for example: football , basket ball , netball , swimming , athlatices , gymnastics etc..its really terrifc also they used it for the asian games it was in 2005-2007 it was really fun back their by the way please don't destroy qatar for a reminder!!

Please please iam beging do not destroy qatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!