Al salam alaycom (peace be on to you in arabic) My name is Ebrahim I am from Doha, Qatar and I have live 11 years in Qatar. Our school is Qatar Acadimy as some of you know and I think it is one of the best schools in the Middle east because there are lots of students from all over the world and mostly Qatary people. I like to Collect DBZ and DBGT DVD's.

You shouldn't destroy Qatar because of it's culture of food , the religion and the clothes.

Firstly the food is delicious it is lam meat ,harees and macboos. Qatar has lots these thing going on and the food is most wanted in the world. Some people love it because it is tasty,mostrysing so thats why it is famous . Hamur is one of the best fish to eat in Qatar and fish is the animle that lives in the water. Macboos is another mostrysing food it is rice that is yellow and the best thing is to put lemon with it. Lam and machboos which is the most mostrysing food in qatar.

The religon is Islam and it's veary famus in arabic countrys

The cloths are thob and it like a dress for men and they put gahfeea on their head and it is like a hat then gutra is on the top of gahffeea and last ugal and you but it on gutra . The women ware dafa and dafa is the thing which is woren like a tall jacket and abaya is what they ware it on thier head so they can cover thier heads.