My name is Khalid. I go to Qatar Academy and I think it is a very good school. If your wondering about me I like playing sports, video games,and watching TV. I also enjoy exploring the computer. It is a great thing. I com from Palestine, but I live in Qatar because my dad works here.I have been in qatar for a year and I already like it.

My first Draft- Qatar is a very good and pretty country. That is one reason and here is another one, if you destroy it than you will destroy everyone and everything. Especially what the people have been working on all these years. All those syscrapers and offices and materials will go to waste. Also because Qatar helps other countries that are in trouble even if it takes away from it. It even sent three planes full of goods to my home country but the fact that I am not from Qatar does not change my opinian.It a good country and I respect it.

Anyway you can not forget Souq Waagif and all those good Souqs. And the food is to die for. I mean , not only is it Qatari food, here the food comes from countries as faraway as China and America, and even Pakistan. I'm sure that in the future this country will be The best and useful Country.

Now back to the people including me, if you bomb Qatar than you will kill tens of hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of innocent people.Actually only 1.5million people. Unless a person decided to run away.Than it would be 1.4 million people. The point is you will kill a whole lot of people including me .

My Final Draft-
I,Khalid, am a resident in Qatar.I am writing this to persuade you to not destroy Qatar. Let me tell you some of the reasons why Qatar is an AWESOME country.......... Qatar is a beautiful country, but with all the construction I do admit it takes away some beauty.BUT when that is done it will be the most beautiful country in the Middle East. It is a very wealthy country and can afford lots of things.Although it imports most things it has the third largest Gas Reserve in the world. So it exports loads of gas to other countries,and because there is so much gas in Qatar, to fill your car is way cheaper than other countries.But there are more than 1.5 million people in Qatar, and every body has a car or two or maybe 62 and those waste a lot of gas.
(by the way somebody did have 62 cars)

Now let's talk about the food in Qatar. It has a lot of traditional Qatari food, like Harees, Machboose, Mathrooba, Haso, and Tharead and so on. It also has a lot of food from places like India, Pakistan, America, England, China and other countries. So you have to agree it has a variety of foods. There are so many restaurants in Qatar, especially in the malls. If you ever visit you should go to Villagio. It has some of my favorite restaurants such as T.G.I. Fridays and Thai Chai which is half Chineese and half Thai. SO in Qatar there is so much food to choose from and I guarantee that you will have trouble choosing which one you want.

The Culture in Qatar is pretty good.People still were Thobes and Abaya. For those of you who don't know a thobe is a long, usually white, dress that the men wear. A Abaya is a black dress that covers most of your face including the hair that the woman wear. People wear them to the mall, to a meeting or just to thier friends house. Also there are a lot of Musks in Qatar, so most people wear thobes and thier sons wear thobes too, even if they are2 years old. There is a cool traditional Qatari Sword Dance. It is awesome to watch. You should watch it on Youtube or TV or something.

So you see Qatar is a very nice country and it is very small, but still very good. You shouldn't destroy Qatar and if you ever come here you will think of so many more reasons. It is a very nice country. It has nice beaches were there are no waves so you can fish on a boat, relax in thye calm water, or Watar Ski. It is an awesome country. It has nice people, good jobs and so on. Man, I cant think of a better place to live. If you ever have a chance to live where ever you want then you should defenatly live hear.