Hello and marhban. Welcome to my wikipage. I am Mariam and I am 11 years old. I am from Qatar and I have been in my country for my whole life. I go to a school called Qatar Academy which I have been in it for 8 years. I hate it when my awesome teacher gets mad and I like to play basketball and football I like to play with my friends.My favorite celebrities are the Jonas Brothers.

has the biggest indoor gym called Aspire

My Fisrt Draft:
YOU SHOULDN'T DESTROY QATAR!!!! Qatar is an awesome country is has lots of cool places like the biggest indoor sports arena is in Qatar which is called Aspire and lots of malls. There are lots of football players they play football really good. Qatar has its own famous food its famous to Qatari people.

It also has clothes like most of Qatar people wear jalabya and thobe girls wear jalabya and boys wear thobe girls wear jalabya usually in speacial events. Also in special events boys do the sord dance they also do it when someone is getting married. It also has top class hotels. Qatar is awesome.

Qatar is so cool and beautiful and has so many people that are interested in it and it is a safe country and there are cool shops. The people in Qatar are helpful like if you get lost they help you till you find the person you want. If you want to shop then there are lots of places in Qatar that you can find everything in it. There are pearl divers in Qatar diving alot going deep in the sea and get lots of pearls. Qatar is peninsula.

There are lots of beaches in Qatar which the divers are there diving the whold time. But, the beaches are clean. There are seaweeds in Qatar which are green bright green. Qatar is a wealthy country and they dont keep it to themselves they give some to the charity. Shaikha Moza is a really helpful person she helps Qatar alot and charity. Not just Shaikha Moza that helps the charity its also the people that care about others. YOU SHOULDN'T DESTROY QATAR IS A GREAT COUNTRY!!!!

Please dont destroy Qatar for the following reasons: That Qatar is one of the best and wealthy countries. Qatar has great shops and souqs. Qatar has top class hotels which are cool and took time to work on it. It is also a safe and beautiful country and has friendly people everywhere around Qatar not only in one spot. There are pearl divers which find pearls in the sea brought by a human and they take alot of time. They did the best olypics in Qatar whith other countries.

My Second Draft:

Destroying Qatar is not the right thing to do. Qatar is a wealthy country which is really is important because, we could help other people. Having an Emir like Sheik Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani is a great thing. He helped Qatar to improve alot. Of course we won't forget Sheikah Moza Bint Nasser Al-Misnad who really helps Qatar too in a right way. Alien King we wont have an Amir like now if you destroy Qatar. I have been wondering if you destroy our country you aliens, will never have a country like it.

Qatar has top class hotels which is huge from the inside. Which has big rooms hallway and lobbies. The hotels took alot of time to build. Qatar has 100 hotels which is enought for everyone. Hotels in Qatar are maybe 5 stars hotels or 6. They serving is fantastic. The hotels in Qatar are not just any hotel. You feel don't feel all bored. You feel like your some where speacial having fun. You, Aliens shouldn't even think about destroying Qatar.

Qatar has the biggest indoor sports arena called Aspire. It's the biggest indoor arena in the world. That's why Qatar is healthy and fit. People in Qatar help Qatar to make it better. If you, aliens destroy Qatar. Then, Aspire will go down. No other country can build the biggest indoor sports arena. Because, if they do then it's like they are copying Qatar. We practice and have fun in Aspire to be healthy and fit. All kind of sports are in Aspire.

Qatar has alot of huge malls like, City Center, LandMark, Villaggio and more. Each mall has alot of shops that you can find alot and alot of clothes in them. Qatar has the best shops the most one that people go to is Villaggio. In there you can ride a boat to see a part of Villaggio. City Center is also a place that is filled with people. In each shops there are clothes but, in some of the shops you can find Qatar's tradtional clothes. For boys it's called "thobe" and for girls it's called a "jalabya". A thobe is a plain white dress it looks like a dress because its without pants.

Beaches in Qatar are the best beaches. You find people diving but, their not just any divers they are pearl divers. They go down down down in the sea to find tons of pearls. It is hard to go and get pearls in the sea. Even really old divers find alot of pearls in one dive. After, finding pearls they give it to the shops and the shops sell it. For, that they get alot of money to do that. Pearl diving is a very hard job to do.

Final draft:

You, aliens should not destroys Qatar. The friendly people around Qatar wouldn't like it if you destroy their country. It's like destroying their family. The people in Qatar would love it if you stop. Friendly people around Qatar. They help take care and are not selfish. Qatar has alot alot alot of friendly people they really care about the environment. They help others by treating them the way they would like to be treated.

Qatar is famous for the biggest indoor sports arena called 'Aspire'. Its also famous for Villaggio. "Villaggio, what a wonderful name for the biggest mall". Villaggio is like venice but it's a mall with shops. In Villaggio you can ride a boat to go and see part of Villaggio. It's mysterious. You will have so much fun if you just look at it. YOU WILL LIVE YOUR LIFE!! Malls in each step you take.

While walking everywhere you will see womens wearing their tradional clothes. It's called "jalabya". Its a dress that has designs on it. Boys will be wearing the same thing called a "thobe". But, there are no designs it's either browns or plain white. People around Qatar will be wearing it everywhere. Jalabyas are worn in special events usually. Thobes are everyday. For men from Qatar they will wear it everywhere.

"Oh" I won't forget the important people in Qatar which are: Sheikah Moza Bint Nasser Al-Misnad and Sheik Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani. They changed Qatar all around. It's like we have a country with no problems. Sheik Hamad is a person that is really important to Qatar. Shikah Moza has helped Qatar to have more school. Education City was her idea. You aliens, I bet it was her best idea.

Pearl divers are Qatar's best thing. We find pearls by our body. We go at the bottom of the sea and collect pearls. Divers find pearls and sell them. They don't just sell them in a simple way. They sell them in a way that will suprise you. They do them like a necklace earings and they even knit it on clothes. Even really old people dive in and get more pearls then others. They are strong.