=salam alikum(peace upon you. in arabic) we have lots of malls in qatar like sity center the mall villagieo hayat plaza royal plaza the lulu and landmark. and we have lots of brands in qatar like louis vuiton dior armani brbari gucci etc and we have car shops like tyota merceds bmw lamborghini aston martin bugati mybech masrati ferari bently rolls royce.
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You shouldn’t blow up Qatar because it is a peaceful country full of good people , friendly families and quiet neighbors .Qatar is a country which is not a fan of war , although we have an army to protect ourselves from attack. We don’t want to war with you so don’t force us to defend ourselves. In the last twenty years Qatar has created an amazing variety of businesses and educational institutions.

You can’t destroy the malls their like are only chance to buy home supplies and food ,the most magnificent 5 star hotels. And it doesn’t have that much green, but we are starting to grow it. and there is not much crime in Qatar like theft murder rapes the only crimes we have are that teenagers have pimped cars which goes up to 240-260minumim unfortunately most of them die from car crashes but the police are putting a big stop to it by making more stations .and we are one of those country’s that has gas and oil and we have so many good business that pay a lot of money and we have good institutions like education city.

In Qatar we are a Muslim country and we let the women wear an abaya which is like a black cloth around her body and her head they are allowed to design it. men wear white cloth around them that is called a thobe and a white or red cloth around there head like a cap but the red one makes a person sweet in hot sessions because its only made for the cold sessions like winter not the summer, speaking of summer we men wear white (qtras) because the colour white reflects with sun. By the way we have a day called grangao its the same as Halloween. What did we do to you? Did we do any harm to you? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why are you doing this to Qatar? Are you an evil kind of race? Did you know that when we first knew that there is some other living things in the world we were amazed we thought you were good living creatures.
what will you get out of destroying Qatar will you be happy ,you will just destroy Saudi Arabia with us then you will get charges for murder. so the Qatari people beg you don’t kill us .

so !!!! what is it
yes or no will you blow up one of the most beutiful and magnifecent countrys in the world Qatar .after all of the things that i wrote to you about it will be a big shame if you blowed us out of the face of the earth.look just kill us it will be alot easier for you wont it because then you will have to prepare allof the bombs and guns so you can bomb us.