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Hi, my name is Moza, i am in Qatar Academy School,Class grade 5A with a great , wise teacher ((Mr. Kruger)) I am 11 years. My hobby are : Basket Ball, Football and racing. I like to meet new people which makes me active and hyper. I like ice cream and doing alot of gymnastices to be heathly and strong. I live in Qatar , I have been in Qatar Academy like 8 years or more. I think Qatar Academy is the best school i have ever been now. They teach well and take care of the students with heathly food and exercise. Now I have been doing my first draft of the 1001 flat tales which is very graet chance to communicate with other people and Aliens ( I know Aliens arent exist). My favourite celebrity is Jesse McCartenty!!!

Cheers ^_^ :P :)

My first Draft:

I , Moza think that Qatar shoudnt and must not be destroyed becuase if you , Alein you destroyed Qatar you will not lose anything but Qatar is going loose everthing it has . Well Qatar have wonderful beaches, park where you can relax. Aliens please dont destroyed it, the Qatar's Amir is a great person which could rule the country well and would serve you good , so not to destroy it.

Qatar could serve you by "Arabic Cuisine" and 5 or many stars holets to make you comfortable. Qatar has fantistic educational Facility to learn your Joueir Aleins and what would you much than that Alien King !!!! Qatar is a VERY safe country that there is NO enemies that they destroy it which i hope you dont PLEASE. Well as you see that Qatar didnt had any enmies and we are trying ours best not to have one as you .

Qatar has great and enormous cinemas which has great movies such as: Twilight the experipence of love Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothes the 3D concert, High school musical which you can always which with a big bunch crunchy of popcorn and a drinks . Qatar is so so so great , amazing country wich doesnt desreve to be destroyed.

Desert Wildlife is a part of our beautiful country , desert wildlife is a place where there is all sand and some tents of friendly people and family with their cute babies. Desert is part of the qatar culture and it is very VERY IMPORTANT to us . Ailen are you still thinking if you destroying Qatar or not? . well.. if you have a white heart please dont bomed us too..

The sports isthe most important thing in Qatar too... The Olympics was 2008 but it is was amazing , the Amir's brothe holded the shela ( it means in arabic trophy ) . The Olympics is all about the sports in Qatar , and the important sport we do is racing and horsing riding race. You Aliens are allowed to do these sport in any time YOU want!!!.

My Second Draft:

Malls are part of Qatar which has cute outfits and with TASTY fast food. Malls is filled with friendly people and friend who waiting to meet you . Center Point , City Center, Land Mark, are malls and you could buy something pertty to cheer you up, if you are sad or gluity about not destroying . Center Point has NO cinemas but there is Cafes and there is prefect shops for women and men.You , Alein might like these different kinds of shpping malls and the fast food we have.

OH I almost forgot!! Traditional cultural such as clothes, food ((yummy)) , dance and games. The clothes are alomst used in specail events like wedding or birthdat party . the clothes are : {Thoebes} wich are white , it come in different sizes who are used for the men . And for the women : {Abbyas} are black used for only mulsim people well only but it is be tried on other people otherwise it used for mulim women mostly. Now like talk about food that is that ymmy part haha such as : Harees , Muchossos etc..... Oh yes dancing in the qatair way . In any wedding events or other events , all the men but not all ((some of them )). dance with a sword and the all the women dance and sing in their abbyas but moslty old women (( I know that is soooo weird to you aleins king but not to ME )).

Asian Games is the well-known to everyone in the world .AsianGames is about sports and the impotrtant Asian stort's people.Asain Games and celebtions started in 2006 and is was so so so so so so amazing . Everyone who has a great spportnaship and great body which made them so body full sportnaship .Asian games is a great opportunity to let people celebrite in Qatar which it is is