Hello! My name is Carter. I am in fifth grade and my teacher is Mrs. Fitch. I love to be outside. My favorite subjects are reading and writing. I also love to read. My favorite books are the Nancy Drew series and the Percy Jackson series. I also like to draw with my classmate Hannah's markers. They are small and skinny. I am a prodigy at the piano, and I am taking saxophone lessons. I also play soccer in the Spring and Summer. I love to ride my bike on my road and when my mom goes for walks.

I woke up to the sound of sirens. Trying to fall back asleep, I closed my eyes. I was listening to the police radio, and it was pretty cool until I heard one of the men say,: "Man last seen on Old County Road, Turner, Maine." That jolted me out of bed. I lived on that road! "There's nothing to worry about." I said to myself. "The police will nab him."
My name is Sam North. I live in the little historic town of Turner, Maine. My town has many old buildings in it, filled with history. Anyway, back to what I was saying. I put on an old T-shirt and some jeans and walked down to get the paper. I took my toy poodle Benji out with me.
What a sight it was. There were at least three police cruisers and ten officers. I walked to the top of the driveway and got the paper from the yellow Sun Journal box. There were police everywhere! The sirens were blaring and there were tons of cops walking around in the street. I wondered what they were doing. I went back down the driveway and inside to eat my breakfast.
I quickly ate a box of cheerios and decided to go outside and play. I t was a nice day, perfect for riding my bike or playing with Benji. I went to the little shed by the side of the house to get my bike. All of a sudden, Benji started barking like mad! H wouldn't stop, no matter how many times I told him to stop. He was barking at my dad's truck cap. I went over to see what he was barking at. When I got there, I saw my dog barking. But then I had A real surprise. I heard am man's voice coming from under the truck cap!
The man's voice was saying, "Call off your dog! Call off your dog!" I was so scared. I couldn't move. I
Thought about taking Benji and running, but my legs felt like jelly. I finally scraped up enough strength to go and pick up Benji. The man stuck his head out from under the truck cap. "Will he bite?" He asked. "I was really scared of your dog." Benji barked again. I told him to be quiet.
"Who are you?" I asked, shakily.
"Who wants to know?" He snapped back at me, gruffly. I didn't dare fight with him. Who knows why he was here? Then I had an idea. Not a pleasant idea, but an idea of who mystery man was. The escaped prisoner!
My mind exploded. What if he has a gun or a knife? Who knows what he'd do to a eleven year old like me? I was in a huge panic, but I didn't let it show, for fear that he might hurt me.
He was a short, bearded man with gray hair and piercing black eyes
"Why 'ya so quiet?" He demanded.
"No reason." I said nervously.
" May I use your phone?" He asked me.
"I'll go get it." I replied. I turned around and saw him following me. "No, you stay here." I told him.
"Whatever." he said.
I flew down the hill to my house, went in, and slammed the door behind me. I wondered what I should do. My
mind was saying, "call the police! Call the police!" I picked up the phone and started to dial, but then I
remembered that they were right across the street. "Oh yeah, duh." I said to myself.
I ran to the police as fast as I could. They were probably surprised to see me running down the hill like that. I started yelling even before I got to the bottom of the hill. "There was a man that came from under my Dad's
truck cap and he wanted to use my phone so I said sure but then I came to get you guys!"
"What did he look like?" asked one of the officers.
"He was short, and had black eyes." I replied. The men did a high five. "That's our man!" one of them shouted.
they ran up to the top of the hill and tried to find the man, but he was gone. They went back to their cars to search the streets.
About an hour later they came back and said that they got him and he was in the slammer.

"Was he dangerous?" I asked.
"He didn't hurt you, did he?" one said.
"No" I replied.
After that, I begged my dad to search every closet and room in the house. I wanted to make sure there was no more uninvited visitors. But something was still bugging me. So I asked my dad to prop up the truck cap. He leaned it against the tree. I felt a lot better after he did that.
That was one of the most frightening and worst days of my life. I don't want that happening again, so don't call me crazy or superstitious!


I awoke to a scraping sound on the side of the house at 12:00 at night. I got up and took a look at the window. I couldn't see anything due to the darkness, so I went back to my bed. The scraping sound started again, and this time, a man's head came up into view! I couldn't get a good view of it, but the next thing I knew the sound of smashed glass rang through the house! Somebody grabbed me, shoved me into a bag and tied it up. I was tossed around and finally thrown out the window! I landed with a tremendous thud, then everything went black.

My eyes slowly flickered open. I briefly scanned my surroundings. I was on a rusty bed in an unfamiliar dump. I figured it was in the neighboring town, Centerville. It was dark, and I had a hard time seeing. Just then, a lumunous glow lit up the piles of garbage. It was a lantern, and holding it was a man. My heart was pounding as fast as a hummingbirds wings. The man was short and had piercing black eyes, just like the man who hid at our house last year!
He slowly approached the bed, and stood over me a minute, lantern in my eyes, making me squint. Then he started to speak. "So, you thought you could play a little trick on me, eh? Well, I've come back for you. You're getting payback for what you did."
"W-w-what trick?" I stammered.
"Don't deny it, you filthy #$%@&! You know what I'm @#$%&#$ talking about! You went off and "pretended" to get me a phone. But you ran off and ratted to the police! I saw you run down the hill. Thanks to you, I got busted by the fuzz! And now you're gonna @#$%&*# PAY! You're type really @#$%&*# ticks me off!"
I was so scared I was ready to faint. The butterflies in my stomach now felt like eagles. All I could do was stare back at him, frightened almost to death.
He leaned so close to me that I could smell his onion scented breath. The he whispered, "is the little baby scared?"
I screamed so loud that Chinatown could probably hear me. "SHUT UP" screamed the man. He pulled a gun out of his pocket. "One more peep out of you, and you're going home headless!"
That quieted me down. I wanted help, but I wanted a head more. He had said,"going home headless", and I wondered If I was going home at all. So i decided to ask. " Am I going home?" I asked timidly.
"Maybe, If my gun is out of amunition. But I swear I loaded the thing before I came."
I was worse than frantic. His plan was to shoot me, and I couldn't do a thing about it. I wondered when he was going to stop standing over me like that. His light was practically blinding me.
All of a sudden, He turned. "I'm going to get something, and I don't feel like telling you because it's none of your business. Don't move, or I'll kill you worse than I was planning. "
He turned away from me and left. Out of the blue, I had an idea. After I saw the last ray of the lantern light fade away into the dark, I got up and out of the bed. I started to walk the opposite way from him, but then I thought of something. What if his buddies are guarding this place? I was pretty sure there wasn't any guards, but I decided to peek around every corner I went around.
I moved forward, weaving through the piles of junk. It was slow going, looking around every heap of trash. I managed to get to the front gate without being caught. All of a sudden, a heard someone scream,"Where the @#$% kid!!!!!" I quickly ran to the gate. Unfortunately, It was closed, and locked from the outside! I had to think quick. The only thing I could think of was to climb the gate, but all I had was socks on, and my feet already hurt. I guessed if I didn't want to die, I probably shouldn't stand around and climb the fence.
I started to climb. After about a minute, I was almost to the top. All the tree climbing benefited! I reached the top, only to find sharp spikes, and about a ten foot drop! I ever so carefully climbed over the spikes, not wanting to fall on them. After I was safely on the other side, I saw something. At first I thought it was some yellow thing glinting in the moon. But after a few seconds, I could tell it was lantern light! What if the man saw me! I flew down the fence almost as fast as dropping. Just as I reached the bottom, the man came into few. I crouched low so he couldn't see me, but It didn't work. the next thing I knew I was getting screamed at. "How did you @#$%&*# get down there?!!!! If I get my hands on you, I'll strangle you so bad you'll be dead in five seconds!!!!!!! @##$%&#* Kid!!!"
I ran as fast as I could away from the dump. I could still hear his calls of, "Get back here you @#$%#&* kid!!!!!!!", and I hoped the neighbors did too. To my dismay, not a single soul heard anything. Just then, while I was resting, I heard a groan of hinges. I looked back, hoping it was a house door, but it wasn't that. It was the dump door, and he man was exiting out of it! He was calling out to me "Get back here you @#$*%$#% kid!!!", but I took no notice. I ran and ran as fast as I could, but he was gaining on me. soon, he was only about 100 yards behind. I was running so fast and looking back so often I didn't see a car coming. I turned around, and I practically slammed into it! To my luck, it was a police cruiser. The police stopped the car and asked me why I was out here. "I need to get in your car or I will be killed, sir. He's coming after me." I pointed in the direction of the man just as he came into view. His face was laughable. Mouth open, eyes bulging, He started to sputter threats at me like "You filthy rat!!! I'm gonna get you someday!!!!!! I promise!"
After that, the police man practically pushed the man into the car. I was told to get into the front. As we rode along, He asked me what my name was, and where I lived. He was surprised that I was the missing Sam North. He brought me home, and Then he brought the man to jail. We decided to put our ladders in a different place, since he had taken ours to get up into my room. We also decided to have a police surround the house when the man got out of jail one year later. At least I knew I would never see that rotten man again, except for when I sue him 15 years later!