Hi, my name is Simon and I am 11 years old. I was born in Cali, Colombia, then moved to Bogota, Colombia, which was followed by Santiago, Chile, until i finally arrived here, Buenos Aires, Argentina. My favorite sports are basketball and tennis, however i also like free swimming (as in 0% classes) and i also like soccer. My favorite hobbies are ripstiking(if that is a hobby), riding my bike around the neighborhood, playing videogames, and making videos with my friends. I have a yorkshire puppy named Tommy who we bought in Chile when he was only 3 months old, and twice smaller than a 250ml waterbottle.

Deadly Kiss
Chapter One
The pressure was felt in the air. Everybody's stiff, unblinking eyes peering at the the clock as if it was a hatred circle with sticks inside. The time everybody had been waiting for 5 months was just one minute away, and nobody was planning to have to wait more. However, one certain teenager was not worried about the clock at all. He was in some deep daydreaming looking at the girl beside him. His eyes were lost in a distant place were only he could go. His mind was lost in that beautiful, shining, blonde hair with several stripes of brown and in those attractive blue eyes in which a light glinted. Everytime she blinked was one instant in paradise for him, but suddenly, those gleaming blue eyes turned around to face his. His body's calmness and all the peace in him suddenly corrupted to let embarrasment and shyness flow through his body. His face quickly turned red as he turned around to face the clock as if nothing had happened. However, from the corner of his eye he noticed the girl gave him a wink, a smile, giggled, and then turned around to face the clock calmly. Even thought the teenager's eyes were facing the clock, his thoughts were moving wildly even thought it was only the girl who had seen him turn red. Many questions like "did she notice?" or "did she figure it out?" were the most common roaming in his mind. But after some time, he calmed down again to start daydreaming about that wink and that smile that she had given him.

All of a sudden, several students started shouting and yelling the final countdown, the time everyone had been waiting had now arrived.25, 24, 23,... the boy quickly stopped daydreaming and started imaniging all he could do in just 23 seconds. Going to the beach, having a party, doing a sleepover, dancing in his club, going swimming, or maybe even just relaxing at his house with no homework to worry about. Two months is some time you know, and he was planning to spend them in all he could. Specially trying to date Annie out. 22, 21, 20, 19,..... his heart beat started speeding up at a rate of 120 beats per second, or so he thought. Several people threw their chairs back and threw their books and school items up in the air and let them fall on the ground. Some teenagers even tried to throw their things out the window, but all windows were closed with lock. Poor Ms. Mary could not have them stay in, as the last day of school there's no punishments. Besides, she already had plans on going to Europe as soon as school ended, and she was not planning on losing her plane because of Buck and his gang. Screw them. 18, 17, 16, 15,.....the boy quickly joined the countdown, threw his chair back, and spotted the closest exit so he could run off before everyone. Besides, near the exit was where Annie sat, so he also had other reasons for looking that way. 14, 13, 12, 11,.... Ms. Mary gave up and joined the countdown, probably giving the most exitment she had ever given during this year of school. After this year, however, she would get retired. She would be free to travel around the world like she said she would. And probably everyone in the classroom hoped she would never come back as she had a REALLY bad temper. 10, 9, 8, 7.... the whole school was about to explode as the shouts grew louder and louder. Within seconds some glasses shattered and some people started throwing their books out the window. Total craziness had started and they weren't even out of school yet! 6, 5, 4,..... the shouts finally reached the highest level of noise the school had probably ever had during the whole school year. It could be heard many miles away from school. People within the range of the shouts would look up trying to find the source of the commotion.But now, it was over. 3, 2, 1,ZERO!
Chapter 2

Suddenly, there was an emotional explosion. Moans, shouts, yells, and screams filled the air as well as an enormous feeling of relief mixed with lots and lots of happiness. The boy grabbed his backpack, jumped onto his desk, (thing Ms. Mary did not like) and gave a yell of happiness. He was so happy he couldn't believe that a whole year passed so fast and easily. He needed to check out everyone's faces of happiness, especially Annie's. As he turned around to look towards the exit, (which was already filled in with traffic) something hit him hard in the back making him fall down from his desk, into the floor, face first. POW!! The boy turned around and saw an impressibly big teenager standing right beside him. He had short blonde hair and a pair green, shiny eyes. An enormous grin was spread from cheek to cheek on his face. "Hey watch your moves twerp!" Buck scolded the boy," you almost make me trip!". Typicall. Buck trying to call attention by hitting the guy who was always doing something awesome. Ms. Mary looked at Buck at rubbed her forehead with her fingers in a circular way. "When will he ever learn?" Ms. Mary thought. The boy got up from the floor and rubbed his forehead. "How I hate him!" the boy thought,"but now's the perfect time for payback." He quickly moved his fists, being able to punch him in his belly with one and to scratch his neck with the other. The air went out of his stomach in one second and the following one he couln't recover his breath because of the three scratches he had on his neck. "You deserve this for all you've done the whole year, not only to me, but to everyone!" the boy shouted at him. Buck quickly recovered himself and whispered "fight!" As soon as every kid in the calss heard the word, Buck and the boy got surrounded by everyone. They were standing in the middle of the newly made circle of teens shouting "Fight, fight, fight,...". All of a sudden, Buck jumped out of nowhere and landed on the kid's head, having him tumble and finally fall. "This is the end for you, twerp!" Buck shouted as he raised his fists. The boy quickly shut his eyes and let it happen. He certainly did not want to see this.
Chapter 3

The boy was just waiting for the fist to fall right down on his head, breaking his nose and bleeding his lip. However, it never landed. The boy slowly pulled his eyes open to see that Annie was right on top of Buck holding his fists stubbornly. She made a dissapointed face and then gave up. "Fight is over, Buck. If you know what's good for you," Annie scolded him. Buck looked up and saw his sister's face in disappontment. Buck closed his eyes for some time, as if trying to figure out something, and then stood up from the other boy. He then turned around, opened a hole in the circle of children, and left with all his gang following. The boy slowly stood up and rubbed his eyes. Was it possible? Annie just scared Buck away? the boy asked himself. The circle of children that had been surrounding him and Buck suddenly vanished into the crowd in the hallway, becoming just another normal teenager scurrying down to get out of school. They were the only ones who were still in the room, even Ms. Mary had left already. The boy quickly realized he was just there, standing motionless, doing nothing but staring at the girl that had saved him lots of trouble. However, he did not dare to move. He was frozen there, time just flowing around him. Annie realized this too, but she didn't dare to move either. They were just there, thinking about what eachother had just seen. Annie, thinking about the boy just daring his brother into what could've been too violent to stand. And the boy, thinking about Annie just controlling Buck and having him leave, just by saying some words in a deep murmur. It was two thoughts that gave goosebumps, and more than just a shocking sensation.
Chapter 4

Finally, some girls hurried in the classroom and started apologizing because of being late in the last day of school to Annie. They were all dressed exactly the same but in different colors. Soon enought, Annie and company ( Lucy, Clair, and Jasmine) started giggling and whispering about those things girls whisper about. Boys, clothes, dates, plans, hanging out, parties, fashion, etc. You could never get them all before they moved somewhere else to whisper. The boy let out a deep sigh and put his cap on. Phew, the old Annie's back. However, he could notice Annie was trying to evade the other girls to tell him something. "Well, thanks Annie, I guess," the boy replied before Annie came up to him. He felt nervous speaking to her as he liked her way beyond imagination. He knew he would do anything for her, exept speaking to her. He turned around, grabbed his skateboard, and when he was about to leave, Annie tried to catch up with him, but the other girls made her trip accidentaly. Annie gave a shriek darted forward. The boy quickly turned around to stop her from falling. However, Annie was already flying towards him, facefirst. Ouch, this will hurt! the boy thought as he launched himself to receive Annie lightly. Well, something even better happened to him than just getting the chance to receive her by the hips. Annie's face got close to the boy's and finally touched eachother. Their lips got together as the boy's hands holded her hips and Annie's hands fell around his neck. He holded her high in the air and reached out his lips so they wouldn't stop their dreams. Deep inside they knew this was their true dreams, deep inside they knew this was just the beginining, and deep inside they knew they did not want to end it. But the boy lost his balance and tumbled backwards to fall down in the end of his struggle to stay up. Her hands were still around his neck and he would not let go of her hips. As a result, they both fell together... well, kindda. The boy landed on his back, making Annie be safe, but finally letting go of Annie's hip, and right at that moment Annie let go of him too. They standed up slowly, staring at each other every second, and blushing every once in a while. Then the other girls finally noticed what they had done, so they helped Annie stand up and started apologizing once more. But Annie didnt mind at all. Actually, that had been fantastic. The boy stood up and pretended he had just catched her. "Take care, Annie," the boy replied as he turned back, knowing for sure that this time he would leave without having to turn back. "Same i say, Zack," she answered him back. Zack gave her one last smile, dropped his skateboard on the hallway, and rode away, lightheaded.
Chapter 5

I cannot believe that my dream had just happened! Zack thought to himself. I had dreamt this from the first day I saw her, five years ago. Or, is it really happening? It could be a dream... Just to be sure, Zack was taking out a pen from his backpack to stab it on his arm, when a voice distracted him from everything. "Dude, I know you just got kissed and everything, but you don't have to be Emo now!" the voice said. Zack knew it was a strangely familiar voice, but when he looked back his skateboard went out of control, making him fly out forward against the wall. His face crashed hard against the school door, and his skateboard flew up and hit the fan. It then fall down once more, leaving the fan balancing from the roof. Zack fell backwards, landing on his skateboard which flew up again, hitting the fan once more. Zack landed hard on his back, which was followed by his skateboard falling on top of him. Could it get any worse? Zack thought. Well, unfortunatly, it did. The fan balanced one last time and finally let go, falling on Zack. "Oh NOOO!!" the voice shouted one last time before it landed. Is this it? Zack asked himself. A kiss and then a tradegy? Hmph. Looks like after your dream theres nothing... A last tear slid down his cheek and a smile appeared on his face. Thank you, Jake. He closed his eyes and it ended.
( Im making about each paragraph a chapter for several reasons. If you want to know why then dont fear to ask.) :D