Beautiful Europe by Abel
For Easter break (It’s a brake from school) I’m going to visit a place called Santillana del Mar. We’re going to visit nearby cities. I am very impatient!

After 5 hours of car, we finally arrived to the hotel, at 12:00 pm! We went straight to bed and I dram of what beautiful things we were going to do tomorrow. In the morning, I let a sigh of relive. We were going to visit a beautiful place called the Altamira caves. There I learned that they closed the real Altamira caves and made an almost exact copy of the real cave.

The Altamira caves are special because they have early men paintings. They closed the real cave because all the heat of people was destroying the paintings. The cave paintings are beautiful! They used the shape of the rock to make it look like 3-D.

Next day we are going to the top of very tall mountains in Europe. It was freezing! The breeze made it seem colder! It felt as if the wind was going to blow me towards the cliff and I would have died! Because we where high, the view was magnificent! It was totally worth it to come up here. When we came down, I thought that the real ground level was going to be as cold as up there. When we came down and it was hot, I was very happy.
Next day we where going to a place called Santander. The bank named Santander was created there. We went to visit a not so big palace, but the yards were very big. It was raining, so it was very cold there. But my curiosity to know what was inside the castle made the cold disappear for me. You couldn’t enter the castle! We went back because my hands were freezing!
Tomorrow we are going to visit a place in el Pais Vasco (It is a state in Europe) to a city called Bilbao. The only special thing of there is a museum called Guggenheim. But there was only 1 problem. The weather was crazy! When we entered the parking, the sun was high. We were in the 7 level of parking with no elevator. When we came up, it was pouring! My dad and brother had to come down to the car and come up again! When they were gone, my mom told me to tell my brother to put a jacket. I went down and told my brother to put his jacket. Just when I was going to leave, my dad said, ‘Come here; help us to bring the things up!’ When we came up, I could barley walk! It rained all day! I did not like that day except for the Guggenheim. My mom and dad and brother seemed to enjoy the museum also. We went back to the hotel and we saw the movies we brought. Then we played monopoly for 6 hours! We could barley sleep. Tomorrow we are coming back to Madrid, home sweet home, but that also meant we were coming back to school. Well, school isn’t that bad.