Retiro Park by Carlos

RING, RING!!! “What day is it? Oh, why did I ask? It’s April fools. Let me guess. It’s one in the morning. I’ll just check my…..what the! Finally, no little brother to change my alarm clock. Hey, this isn’t my bed, or my room! Where am I? I’ll just go downstairs and calm down. Why am I not surprised that this is an apartment? Wait… AN APARTMENT? This is how this interesting story started. This is our main character, a twelve year old boy with black hair, blue t shirt, blue jeans and white shoes. His name is Tim and he has a little brother named Jake. Jake is
a little boy that looks just like his big brother and he is very, very jokey. There parents are around forty and they are just like any normal citizen. Now that you know these people lets keep going. Tim decides to walk towards the front door (if he finds it) and run away. When he finally finds it after five minutes witch actually felt like one hour he catches a glimpse of a sign in a weird language he recognizes the language from his Spanish class. I’m in Spain?! yells Tim. Then that’s when it happened. The people in the house heard the racket and woke up in a jerk. Then Tim ran away.

When he stopped running, he found himself in front of a gigantic gate and next to it a sign read El Retiro. When he entered he could see the growing trees and the huge amount of interesting vegetation. He could see boys and girls of all ages playing, screaming but most of all, having fun. It was a cheerful place. “I never had seen anything like this! It is the happiest and the most awesome place in the world!” Tim started running towards one of the millions of playgrounds in the park. After half an hour of playing Tim remembered that he was lost in some place in Spain. Then Tim went hysteric and ran towards the place he came from, but he was lost! He ran and found a lake and people in rowboats on the lake. He kept running and found a few ice cream shops. He kept running until he found a big wall in ruins. Then he kept running and found a small waterfall and an artificial hill but what really caught his eye was the exit! Right when he was about to cross…. Ring, Ring! April fools! My little brother was screaming in my ear “April Fools!!” Usually I would have yelled at him but today I was not going because I was so glad to see him and guess what, he just left. I think he likes it when I get angry. Then Tim checked his alarm clock. It was one in the morning…..