Spain By Fran
One time an old lady caring two babies that became two little boys that are two mini adventurers called John and Nick.
It all started when the two boys in school discovered a secret door that entered two a new world.
The same day that they discovered the new world, the two boys even if they skipped school they went on to discover the tremendous and exciting new world. On they went, but in that world it was so cold. It started raining and they started making their minds on returning back to school. John said to nick, ´´hey we cant live now, whet just started a choice of being rich or not´´!´´ Okay theirs my choice, I’ll go now. But Nick you cant let me alone, with all this terrible, freezing cold. Okay but if their some problems aim out of here.´´ Dill.´´ ´´ Dill.´´ Now lets go to discover this world.
After an, the two boys were terribly tiered. So they saw a cave and slowly went in. In they found a lot of food so they thought that someone was living in it. Then they got out very slowly so the man who is living here won’t see them or he was maybe looking for food. When they got out they saw a tribe that was having people as prisoners. So they slowly went to see what was happening. When to their house tribe they saw all this prisoners that worked for them. But john saw a bomb in his pocket and put it in the floor. The evil tribe ran out because they saw the bomb and run. So the two boys got the prisoners and went to the door, but the door was not their door, but nick touched the tree and found that the door from that side was the door and went as fast as the wind up and.

It will continue!